Ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap

ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap I will be opening requests again, but only for reactions at this time because I  28 Nov 2019 ATEEZ REACTION TO THEIR S/O WANTING TO SIT ON THEIR LAP TO Seonghwa: SeongHOE… he'd smirk at the idea of you needing him  22 Mar 2019 Ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap on a bumpy car ride:Hongjoong:• Honestly he wouldn't have a problem with it at first •But when he  Yg Entertainment, Fandom, K Pop, Rapper, You Are My Friend, Jung. 3,255,816,701 views Ateez Mafia Reaction : Aftermath of when their S/O sees them kill for the first timePart 1PARK SEONGHWAWhen Seonghwa took you home, he couldn’t decipher the damage that was done to your relationship. He would laugh awkwardly and slowly wrap his arms around your stomach and lean his forehead against the back of your neck so that you could feel his warm breath on your neck, or he wouldn’t even notice that you were sitting on your lap until you shifted slightly or poked his cheek. He would be the type to pull jokes on you, but when you look back at him, he pretends that he hasn’t done anything and just do his work. 3,255,816,701 views *:・゚★ Ateez Smut ★ *:・゚ - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚★ Ateez Smut ★ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. Part of this is the situation though — girls do not typically sit on a boy’s lap unless they 1) know the Got7 Reaction to you accidentally letting out a moan when you lose in a game. And, even if the questions are obvious, you shouldn’t write a comment below if you want to argue about it. Feb 11, 2016 · Exo’s Reaction to you falling asleep on their lap Xiumin: *You two started to watch a movie together. BTS reactions to their s/o having a big/nice butt A/n: this request resonated with my soul, tysm for requesting!! - Amelia Seokjin: Jin would be into a firm ass, like an apple. No matter how well versed you had become with the mafia life, nothing could prepare you with the fact of witnessing the love of your life becoming a monster. bts reaction to : their s/o sitting on their lap during a bumpy ride; kim seokjin : you kept massaging his thigh, your hands ever so graciously grazed around his crotch area. “Wonho oppa, please,” You say, wrapping your arms around his neck, planting a quick kiss on his lips. He got tense and you didn’t notice as you simply continued conversing with Jae who wasn’t phased to see you sitting where you were. ATEEZ Reaction: Their s/o having a pain kink [Hello hello! I was really interested in this because I’ve seen quite a few people write about pain kinks involving the members so I thought I would do my take on it! Hope you enjoy~ ♡] Hongjoong: He will be super fucking annoying about it. Ateez Smut - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story Ateez Smut by bangteez_imagines (♡ BBY ♡) with 21,745 reads. he’d be on a random vlive with atiny when he found out cause your bestfriend would snitch on you while you’re getting it done NCT U {boss} reaction to another male idol saying you’re their idol type. You had a big project to work on and you felt Jan 30, 2019 · Could you please write Ateez’s reaction to their gf flinching when they move too quickly/raise their voice please? Thanks in advance 珞” author’s notes: although this is normally a flight/fight response, if anything bad has happened in relationships before, i’m sorry and i hope you are getting better <3 i’m always here to talk to! Ateez Smut - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story Ateez Smut by bangteez_imagines (♡ BBY ♡) with 21,745 reads. if you had done it in front of the other members,  31 May 2019 biasxcollector: “Ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap on a bumpy car •So when you felt him get hard while you were sitting on his lap. ♡ all done !! this one was so fun !!!! thank you sm for requesting! As he is the tallest and the most cosy one, you ended up on his lap. Exo reaction to you sleeping with your head on their lap and accidentally rubbing your cheek over their dick while sleeping NSFW warning! Baekhyun: Doesn’t want to wake you up, he really does, but anon: omg can i request ateez’s reaction to the reader just getting their belly button pierced? i am going to pierce mine next week ^^. Chanyeol: Not even focused on the members, he’d be watching your bottom until it made its way to its home; his lap. You knew he loved it when you were on top of him—whether that be because you riding him or what you were doing now. Coups: “ Aishhh~ Why do you have to be like this now?” He would whine softly into your ear, trying to keep what he said a secret from the boys. ” With that he placed you down his lap and layed down with you on the bed comfortably, pulling you against his chest and playing with your hair. He’d have you sit in his lap, as he wiped your face with wipe, stroking your hair in attempt to calm you and reassure you that no one was judging you He couldn’t help but congratulate himself when you took a seat on his lap. raviyeolie-reactions: Xiumin: Naturally dominant, the only thing that would stop him from pushing you onto your back and taking control was how much you were enjoying it. You would pout and instead turn to V, who would quickly glance at you with the same mischievous look in his eyes that you had in your own. Jan 02, 2020 · *:・゚★ Ateez Smut ★ *:・゚ - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚★ Ateez Smut ★ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. Before you read: The first line is the member’s and if there is a second line, it is You would probably sit on Jihoon’s lap to distract him or get him to stop working, it would then go in one of two directions. Author’s Notes: This is a post dedicated to our leadernim, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAN :) Extra Author’s Notes: n/a. However, there was something about Yunho that made him easy to talk to and the two of you liked to joke around. “Come sit on my thigh now, only move when I tell you to baby girl” Kim Seokjin He would be so needy and would literally pick you up and put you in his lap, when you was being bratty and didn’t want to cuddle him because he wasn’t paying you any attention. You were originally supposed to go with Felix to pick out a wide variety of flowers, it was going to be your couple thing for the day but you got tired of waiting so you left by yourself, completely by yourself against his wishes for you, Felix wanted you to at least have one person who could protect you come along but you denied that authority Their little hand felt so tiny inside your own. On his own, he would read as if that was the last book he would ever read but when he was reading with you, he would constantly get distracted by the little unconscious things you did that made him fall in love with you a hundred times over again. Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚☆ Ateez Smut ☆ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. * “Jagi if you wanted something, you coulda’ve just said so, you don’t have to put on a show…even though I like it” May 04, 2016 · When you force him to sit down on a chair and you tell him * No touching” the music plays and you start to body roll, hips swaying side to side. Nov 28, 2015 · Exo reaction to when you have to sit on their lap in the car Xiumin: *He decides to tease you by slowly running his hand up the back of your shirt and playing with the back of your bra* Lay: *He treats you like a little kid by shaking his leg and making you move with it and laughing because you look silly but cute at the same time* Like he would never be able to forgive himself after this. A He’d bring you on his lap while you made his face change emotion while his hand gently went up your stomach to a better place. ” and if you’re stubborn enough, he’d just pull you on to his lap and lock you in place with a bear hug. likes to just kinda sit you on his lap when you’re both in big comfy clothes or with a blanket and just talk to you for a lil while; might tease you a little bit if you were particularly loud for him ; but he’d also give you so much praise omg “you looked so pretty like that. ” You said and  Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚☆ Ateez Smut ☆ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. Wonho thought it was cute how you wanted to sit on his lap so you could be closer to him, so of course he welcomed you with open arms. 3,255,816,701 views Ateez reaction blog in progress even his parents treat you as if you where their own child You were sitting in his lap as he showed you the different files he Jun 13, 2020 · You were embarrassed that you tripped during your performance that required you to wear 8 inch stilettos, but applauded yourself for powering through, although your dance break was probably laughable considering you couldn’t put weight on your left foot, your ankle throbbing in agonizing pain before you collapsed just as it was all over. Lay: -you never did this before to him so he was confused but really happy and content with it- “baby what’s up you never sit on me like this do you need something or do you just want to be affectionate” Baekhyun: -it was out of habit you did it and kissed his forehead lightly as another member walked in- “hey guys we’re just being He pulls you into his lap after he sits himself on top of some pillows; Covers both of you in the blankets and then makes you hold the computer on your lap; You fall asleep again within 10 minutes, and although he’s getting sleepy he’s like; Someone has to make sure the house doesn’t burn down; Mingi should not be in charge of this and we Oct 30, 2019 · ATEEZ Reaction Pt. he’s so cute i-he pretend to be like yeosang, pretending to think that you sitting on his lap is a nuisance; when he sees u coming to sit he moves to the side and u plop on the When he’d introduced you at an ATEEZ game night he’d expected to have you sit close to him the entire night. BTS Reaction to you sitting in their lap (just friends) –If you want a reaction where they are friends but have feelings for each other, just send that one too. He’ll say something along the lines of, “Yah, did I ask you that? I said come sit here and love me. JB: *He’d smile at how peaceful you look and would try so hard not to move so he doesn’t wake you* Yugyeom: *Debates on waking you so you could go to bed and by comfier or to let you sleep* Youngjae: *He’d love the feeling he’d get like he’s protecting you while you sleep it would make You had a long day at work and just wanted to go home to sleep the rest of the day off. Okay, so I know Mark is supposed to be graduating from Dream, but that moment has not come yet, so I’m gonna keep him in my Dream reactions. He would instantly take to tucking any stray hair behind your ears and place a gentle kiss on your temple. after watching you struggle for a couple minutes, he’d finally get up and walk over to you saying “looks like you need a ATEEZ Reacts to You in Another Member’s Bed Summary: You had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Anon: Nct 127 reaction to you falling asleep on their lap This was such a cute request to write istg蠟These are the types of requests I like writing and I easily get carried away too As you can see by the length of these lol, I am perfectly aware that I have basically written mini scenarios or drabbles lmal yall better love me after this ️ You couldn’t stand to see him sad, so you sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck as you pulled him into a kiss. •He loves when you sit on his lap •This particular time you and him were watching a movie with the boys •You could tell Hobi had become uninterested in the movie because his hands had moved onto your thighs •And you could feel him getting hard Oct 30, 2019 · You sat him down and placed yourself on his lap, sliding your arms around his neck to kiss his forehead. Anonymous asked: exo reacts to you sitting on their lap? thankyou -wink- [I don’t own any gifs used] Xiumin: *Immediately becomes Xiu!Daddy. O: *You sit on his lap out of nowhere and he gives all the members ‘the look’* Originally posted by chanyeolismysexualfantasy. Preface: You and the boys were taking a quick car ride to a wooyoung loves when you turn around and kiss the top of his head or pat it, cause he is the definition of: “i’m baby” JONGHO: Originally posted by choijonghoz. Mar 07, 2019 · Dissolvable stitches are used to close wounds or surgical incisions in procedures where follow-up wound care isn’t needed. if you had done it in front of the other members, he’d probably give up his seat to have you sit there instead. Deciding to spice things up, you moved to straddle his lap, innocently sitting yourself down before you began to slowly, teasing rock your hips back and forth. a/n: YA’LL I ACCIDENTALLY SWITCHED WOOYOUNG AND MINGI IM SORRY (Wooyoung comes before Mingi’s just a head’s up) yes I know Mingi is older Can you do their reaction to you sitting on their lap and grinding on them? (Lmao sorry if I'm bothering you) Hello thirsty anon. He wrapped his arms around your  21 Jul 2019 sitting on their lap ; ateezhongjoong: omg baby would obviously be flustered in any situation. He’s always showing you how much he appreciates you when he returns from work because you deserve it. His ATEEZ Reaction: Their s/o having a pain kink [Hello hello! I was really interested in this because I’ve seen quite a few people write about pain kinks involving the members so I thought I would do my take on it! Hope you enjoy~ ♡] Hongjoong: He will be super fucking annoying about it. ot8,   Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚☆ Ateez Smut ☆ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. He would probably be nervous himself but he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, while sitting on his lap. Suga: Originally posted by Jun 10, 2017 · Why would you avoid it? Honestly, if I was sitting in a man’s lap, I would probably melt if I felt his dick go hard. Oct 01, 2016 · You soon elbowed him off though, and he realised you were asleep so pouted and went to sleep too, deciding to kick things off again in the morning* this gif why. You were good friends with all of them and whenever you all had free time you would hang out Originally posted by bwipsul. The moon was bright making it possible to see, at least for what if could, the nature that surrounded me. 3,255,816,701 views Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story *:・゚☆ Ateez Smut ☆ *:・゚ by bangteez_imagines (*. the news of your dad’s passing, so soon after the news of your mom’s was a lot but you had constantly told him you were okay, that you were dealing with it and that you would be fine. Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you sitting on their lap for the first time Answer: Credit to gif owners. He would purposefully move the leg that you’re sitting on a lot while he grabs onto your arms and just moves you back and forth. You decided to join the boys on their trip to Japan and everyone piled their way into the van and there wasn’t any space for you. Hongjoong would immediately hold you tight, comforting you and wiping your tears away, letting you know that you could never be a burden to him. on his face on your lap, and before you Hongjoong: Hongjoong pulled you into his lap and hugged you as he continued to talk about the songs he was composing. Taeyong’s first reaction would be to smile widely, even giggle a little to himself when he sees you sleeping comfortably on his lap, feeling happy that you’re finally getting some rest even if you had to use him as your pillow. Onew will have seen this coming for a couple of days already, so he has been emotionally preparing himself to take care of you better. one night, he had came home earlier than expected and when he called out to you, you didn’t answer Ateez Smut - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap Read ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap from the story Ateez Smut by bangteez_imagines (♡ BBY ♡) with 21,745 reads. of course he likes affection, it’s just that he wants the others to think highly of him and skinship in front of them might make him a little self conscious. Looking down at you, Zuho chuckles and wraps his arms around your waist, placing you on his lap with your head in his chest. A female sitting on your lap is a female sitting close to your private part and it develops similar levels of testosterone rush compared to when she sits or grinds over your penis. He would usually just whine and try to act cute so you didn’t see how much it actually bothered him, but every once in a while when you would do something to show him you were uncomfortable he would actually get cross with you. Before they went back to sit with their parents they gave you both a kiss on the cheek and then they scampered off. While you were riding him, his lips would be on your neck helping you get as much pleasure as he was. Will be confused and ask you if anything was wrong holding you close incase you are hurt or something. It was hard being the maid of honor and though you were more than happy to be your best friend’s maid of honor, you just wanted to sleep after work for the next six months. You ignore the stunned faces of some of the pirates who are getting their wounds treating, the concerned glances that some give you, only to see Seonghwa standing there with a basket of dirty cloths You know the drill like+share if you enjoyed this none of the gifs are mine and this is all just based on speculation. “Seventeen’s reaction to you sitting on their lap and kissing their neck while you guys are in front of the boys” S. So glad to be back guys! Hopefully I’ll finish all the requests in drafts by the time I go back to school on Thursday. He had been minding his own business and reading an article on his phone when you got annoyed from his lack of attention. When you lose your BTS REACTION to their S/O wanting them to sit on their “lap” WARNINGS: STRONG LANGUAGE! Lap doesn’t mean lap here! And it’s not only for male readers. When he notices that you were asleep he would have a big smile plastered on his face and a quiet laugh would follow. You were almost about to take the van with the staff until Hongjoong spoke up, “You can just sit on my lap, we’re not that far away…” once you agree and take your seat on his lap, he immediately regrets it. Jungkook would tickle your neck throughout the car drive or place random kisses on your neck to show you that he were enjoying it. lov-scenario: “ateez blogs where you at? ” Does anyone other than @chefchan post any ateez scenarios??? If you do pleaseeee let me know xx BTS reaction when their girlfriend kisses their neck. Yoongi: Aug 16, 2020 - Ateez, is an 8-member boy group from South Korea under the company KQ Entertainment. And you not bothering us :) Xiumin: 【22:42】you were turning the pages of the book you’re reading, your boyfriend’s legs on your lap. Taehyung: He stopped moving the second you sat on his lap, his face immediately heating up and a small giggle slipping through his lips. Your pituitary gland starts secreting gonadotropin hormone which makes you sexually active and also gives the relief and satisfactory feel similar to the one you get after an orgasm. BTS reaction to their S/O having natural ginger hair… BTS reaction to when their S/O tell them “I love you” in their native language (Spanish). “The one that I’m working on right now is more of a-” You cut Nov 08, 2019 · [eng sub] ateez 활동 마지막 주, 그들이 연습실 바닥에 누워버린 사연은? [※ATEEZ 무용연습실※] - Duration: 9:16. 5M ratings during movie nights he has you sit in his lap and he brushes his fingers through your hair, and when ateez reaction to: them yelling at their s/o; your boyfriend who was still sitting alone. ” Jan 13, 2017 · You get goosebumps as you feel the sudden wind, while you’re only wearing a tee shirt and jeans. 2 [This is a continuation of Part 1! I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you so much for liking and supporting me! I’ll be posting more soon! ♡] (Side note: the post deleted half way through me transferring the work into the post and I wanted to CRY BUT ITS FINE YOU KNOW) Mingi: Originally posted by park-seonghwa “I think I selected the right file. Hongjoong would absolutely love when you clinged to him, but he’d also know he’d have to get his work done, so he’d bring you to his studio with you either sitting on his lap, or sitting in a chair close by so he would still holy your hand. my recent works have mainly been for girl readers so i want to make sure that everyone can read this) Sep 07, 2016 · BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap randomly (bc you’re tired) Requested by @kim-tae-ki Request open! Jin He would not mind it all. Exo-K Chanyeol: would think it is the cutest thing in the world when you decide his lap is the best place to sit down right then. He would honestly let you sleep like that while he slept in a sitting position on the couch or if it was the other way around where you guys were on the bed, he wouldn’t mind at all if, he was laying on the bed, and you fell asleep on his lap. suho: He only let you sit on his lap because you were so very cold, and now he was starting to regret it as you wiggled on top of him, trying to get in a comfortable position. “About Yeosang-” “Okay, now! Boys and girls! Get on the bus! You can talk your hearts out on the bus later. I am assuming you meant there was no romantic feelings between you and them by “just friends” so I hope this is what you wanted. Requests are open! [[MORE]]Namjoon: “*you unexpectedly come and straddle his GOT7 Reaction to You Sitting On Their Lap Scenario: It was Friday night and you were over at GOT7′s dorm. eunsu is known as the mom of the group, so when you laid your head on his lap and fell asleep he did his best to make sure you were comfortable. this kid can be a bit slow when it comes to empathy, but he’ll have a serious talk with you about it eventually. Jongin: ‘Ugh girl do you even know what you are doing to me right now’ he thought as you sat on his lap. Ateez Reaction To You Being Thick May 5, 2019 - Read stray kids - reactions from the story stray kids x reader by cherrybombchangbin (aj) with 8,478 reads. Namjoon would love the idea of you using him to get yourself off and he also loved how dominant he could be when you did. 2Lucas jaemin johnny ten mark LucasY'all know how big of a flirt ass he is, so basically he will be the one pulling you close by your belt idk hi hello i love your works so so much <3 can you please try and make “you flinch in a fight” for hiphop unit (svt) thank you so much!!! A/N: Thank you so much sweetie, enjoy <3 Please note: this is all purely fictional and does not in any way reflect the boys or how they behave. But if he couldn’t have you near, he’d text you throughout the day no matter what his schedule was. However after a little while you realized Young K had frozen up and wasn’t even holding you like he usually would. BTS Reaction | You nuzzling their neck ミ anonymous asked: Hi I just want to say I love your blog and your writing!!! 李李李 can I please request bts reaction to you loving to nuzzle your face into their neck while cuddling? ミ note: A small pack of reactions before I go to sleep. He’d slowly rock his Kihyun: When you tell him that you don’t want to sit on his lap because you’re afraid of being too heavy he’s gonna get a little sassy with you. - as soon as you sit down and start moving around on his lap he knows - he would lean forward and whisper in your ear - 'you sure you want to do that?' he says with a smirk - once you stopped he would pick you up and take you somewhere else Ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap on a bumpy car ride: Originally posted by a-teez. May 4, 2016 @ 4:03 PM × 215 notes Plus I feel like lap-sitting is kind of flirting overkill when you don't even know if the guy is into you. scenario : you are over at their dorm a 21 Jul 2019 ateez reaction to you sitting on their laps anon: how do u think ateez would react realistically if u sat on their laps? mimi: so incredibly sorry  7 Oct 2019 Seonghwa: The moment you sat down on his lap he knew there would be a problem with controlling himself. 3,255,816,701 views You had been around at the dorms for your weekly movie night when you had fallen asleep on his lap. Let me cook for you, no wait, let me give you a massage, no, let me run you a bath…” Originally posted by getlayd. ” Request: May I ask for a bts reaction when their s/o falls asleep in their lap and pulls his arm over them to hold the s/o A/N: here ya go! Jin: Originally posted by meganhyunhee He’s dying. He would even sit next to you and put his hand on your thigh, mostly for his territorial side, but he would just like seeing you show some skin. Especially you! Boys all over were fanboying over you saying you might be the most perfect idol to ever lay foot on this Earth. •He would grap you good and  12 Feb 2019 ATEEZ | Their S/O sits in their lap Hongjoong:Hongjoong would lightly squeeze You would be pushed out of his lap and replaced with a pillow. he woke up to you sleeping on his lap; you guys were in the nurse’s office ; you felt him get up so you immediately got up to inspect him “are you okay?” he blushes as he looks down at his calloused hands and nodded; the nurse pops in, “you know, Y/N carried you on their back up the stairs. Yeah, I’ll NCT Dream Reaction to You Sitting in Their Lap ~ A/N - Hey guys, it’s Ally! I’ve been busy pumping out a lot of your requests, so keep sending them in. Reactions for ATEEZ to how would each member react to their best female friend has to sit on their lap on a bumpy car ride, please. The group is composed of eight members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho. Hongjoong: •Honestly he wouldn’t have a problem with it at first •But when he started to get a boner •He wanted you to get off his lap •But He also didn’t want you to sit on anybody else’s lap • He would be slightly panicking sitting on their lap ; ateez hongjoong : omg baby would obviously be flustered in any situation. Chen: Chen would run his hands along your body, his eyes never leaving your face as he memorized your expression. Find out what dissolvable You burst into the sickbay, eyes brimming over with tears as you desperately search for that head of green hair that has grown so familiar to you. So -hypothetically- if I was sitting on a guy friend's lap and he got a boner, I wouldn't be offended, because I wouldn't be sitting on his lap unless I kinda liked him and vice versa. Fluff ahead! 李 Also, thank you so much!! This really means a lot to me Seokjin Seokjin was cleaning up the NCT REACTION to you pulling them close by their belt pt. When you confessed that you like him, you remained calm and straight to the point; Because Seonghwa hates when people beat around the bush; But then he’d be like,” I been knew, sis” He’d always known you like him because his observant ass sees EVERYTHING Mar 15, 2017 · Nct127 to when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them Taeil: *plays with your ear*He’d continue on with whatever it was he was reading, his hands toying with your soft ear out of habit. Jin would put his arms around you, pull you closer and letting Jan 10, 2015 · EXO react to you sitting on their lap and moving too much Xiumin: “Jagi, you’re going to need to either move or help me out here because you’ve caused a… situation. ” Jun 02, 2019 · Ateez: How they react to their S/O calling them baby boy (Fluffy/cute way) I’m going to start trying to upload a bunch of things I’ve had in my drafts or list for a long time, so it might not be 100% perfect (I won’t be proofreading a lot of it) so just bear with me!!^^ May 20, 2016 · Sitting on his lap, you snuggle up to him just as always when he comes home from a day of practice. Taking the brush from your hand he started to gently brush it against your cheeks, making you giggle. You were half asleep when you lifted up said shirt and rested your hand on his chest, a habit you had when sleeping. You look cute and Seokjin is dying cuz look at my baby?? He really doesn’t want to wake you up but he can’t help but cover every inch of your face with gentle kisses. Read -ATEEZ's reaction seeing you cry- from the story ~ATEEZ IMAGINES~ by muchnct ゚☆ Ateez Smut ☆ *:・゚ - ☆Reaction: When you have to sit on their lap. Namjoon: He would be sitting on the couch on his phone and you would just come up and sit on his lap “Hey baby” His hands immediately went to your hips. Oct 30, 2017 · You plopped down on the bed next to him, casually moving closer so your sides would be touching. ATEEZ Reaction to their s/o having to cuddle a stuffed toy to sleep the original requests says about a ‘tall’ s/o but bc im not sure how to incorporate that you can be any height! (also i want to make it all inclusive. Very quickly, though, you were crying, with a bloody nose and blotchy red face, embarrassed to be seen in such a state. Eventually he started tearing up and had asked you if he had done anything wrong to — ateez reaction to their s/o being a little. Bts Reaction to Their Girlfriend Randomly Sitting on Their Lap and Feeding Them Ice Cream Jin: He would be shocked… then confused, but he’d totally like it. Reaction to you being scared of them; Reaction to their s/o being pregnant but lose Sit on my lap and let me f#@k you, It’s your own fault to be that damn sexy [ateez] BOYFRIEND AU CRACK Originally posted by hwarizon (MAKNAE LINE) HOW THEY REACT WHEN THEY FIND A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST IN THE TRASH disclaimer: my personal opinion okay. BTS reaction - to you sitting on their lap in front of the members Jin: I can imagine him being pretty reserved with his relationship, so he would be a little taken aback by this, but still not really mind it? May 31, 2020 · May 31, 2020 - ATEEZ İlk Tepki Kitabı [TAMAMLANDI] Ateez Mafia Reaction: To their S/O seeing them kill for the first time Part 2 PARK SEONGHWA. ateez reaction to you sitting on their lap

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