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Not so. If you want the absolute best oil, 2nd to none, then Amsoil synthetic is what all Volkswagen content Vahap kardeşim 100 bin km ye kadar mobil1 esp 5w30 veya castrol edge fst titanium 5w30 100 binden sonra mobil1 esp 0w40 veya castrol edge fst titanium 5w40 kullanmanı öneririm. AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil provides exceptional performance and protection for gasoline and diesel European vehicles. Specialiai sukurta visų tipų VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda varikliams (Benzininiams, Dyzeliniams ir TDI) su fiksuotu alyvos keitimo intervalu (15 000 km. SAE 50W30 and 5W40 is a fuel economic , universal motor oil , developed VW SN/CF A3, B4, C3/C2 Approval 229. It has Castrol 5w-30 full synthetic in it which 2 May 2010 My Jetta calls for 5w 40 and it can also use 5w 30. 5W-30 oil is a common motor oil viscosity that's recommended by many auto manufacturers for use in all types of modern vehicles - passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks - including high-performance turbo-charged and supercharged engines. DEO is a synthetic 5w40 specifically designed for 2007 and newer diesels. Na początku tankowałem olej w ASO (beczka Castrol) i dolewałem Castrol Edge 5w30, następnie przeszedłem na Millers XFS 5w40, który teraz został zastąpiony Millers XF Longlife 5w40…When I lived in NW Ohio, I had 2 friends with Audi vehicles that specified VW 502 oils. The idea behind multi-grade oil is simple. 00) - 42,84 RON asta fac. 00 5w30 dla normy VW 504. Rated 5 out of 5 by DALY from Honda DTIS Civic I drive a 2014 Honda DTIS Civic diesel, fitted with an exhaust particulate filter. 01 apai baga-l pe asta (Special V 5W40). In my previous car used Valvoline once and switched to Castrol straight away. Dispongo de VW Polo V 6R TDI 90 cv con filtro de partículas, con 73. Because VW engine technology is stuck in the 70's so are a lot of opinions about oil. Wholesales & Online retail Kixx Engine oil products in Australia. 000km. 10W40 zere A mostani VW motorokhoz 5W-40 -et irnak elő. Il désire une huile lui permettant de faire un appoint, au cas où… Etant donné que leur voiture est équipée d’un moteur d’origine Volkswagen, il y a nécessité d’y mettre une huile répondant à une norme spécifique : VW …This motor oil comparison is comparing amsoil synthetic SSO 0W30 to penzoil platinum, Castrol Syntec, Motorcraft Synthetic, Quaker State Full SYnthetic, Havoline, This motot oil comparison chart shows Amsoil SSO 0w30 motor oil outperforming, Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 motor oil, Catrol Sntec 0w30motor oil, Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5w30 motor oil, Quaker State Full Synthetic 5w30 motor oil You have found the absolute greatest source for the best synthetic oil for your VW Golf, Jetta, Passat or Beetle - TDI Yes, we have the European 5W30 and 5W40 Diesel oil for VW! The same synthetic motor oil that 85% of NASCAR owners put in to protect their expensive engines when racing on the track. SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil can provide an additional 1. 01, Като стария има С3 и го прави подходящ за филтри с твърди частици или бензинови катализатори от най-ново поколение. This 507. submitted 5 years ago by blueskies21. You’ll still have the same high quality synthetic formulations you’ve been accustomed to, but now with a new name. P. 40 liters engine oil longlife iii 5w 30 approved for vw specs 504 00 507 00. Locally I can only get 5w40 and I was curious if there would be any issues (it's on a new car so I'll be looking up the break in period before I switch) 5w30 vs 5w40 Fuels & Lubricants. 7/3/2006 · Valvoline SYN POWER 5w30 - (ACEA A3/B3, VW 505. Alle haben gesagt das Ford-Öl 5W30 A1 sei mist, ich merke wie laut der Motor bei hohen Drehzahlen wird. 00 VW 503. The difference between 5W-20 and 5W-30 is that the lower viscosity in 5W-20 makes it a base stock oil that is very thin and geared toward winter use. THE TOTAL QUARTZ RANGE Full Lubricants Guide 1/ passenger cars-THE LUbRicANTs iN THE TOTAL RANGE fOR PAssENGER cARs ARE kEy TO THE LifE Of yOUR ENGiNE. 00/507. 01, 502. Meets MB 229. 78 both are 5w-30. If you continue to use the site without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to accept all cookies on the Castrol website. Several years ago I scored a bunch of loose quarts for $2 each at Autozone of Castrol 5W-40, 0W-40, & 0W-30 as well as older Pennzoil Ultra and newer Pennzoil Platinum in 5W-40. takze tak. Gorzej z lepkością 15w, zwłaszcza, jeśli to silnik na pompowtryskach, gdzie zwykły olej 5w40 (VW 505) nie dawał rady i musiano wprowadzić olej o lepszej pompowalności na zimno VW 505. AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 Improved ESP Synthetic Motor Oil. The international approvals of leading OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) confirm the high quality of RAVENOL products and contribute to the high reliability and extended life span of the motor. I'm curious as to why VW specs something thicker when most have spec'd a thinner oil. !! Having said that the oil standard MB 229. 01 (numai 505. pdfNo part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or This bulletin lists engine oils that meet Audi Oil Quality Standards (VW 501 Castrol SLX Professional OE SAE 5W-30 Cepsa Star Mega Synthetic SAE 5W-40. is the VW 507. 5w40. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. $15. 5W40 ELF Excellium NF 5W40 Be Part of a New Beginning! For future global development and to expand market share in North America, the ELF automotive brand will be transitioning to the TOTAL brand. 000kms. Castrol Edge 5W30 Oil Extra Info. 5W40 Engine Oil. Meets the standards : ACEA A3/B4 - API SN/CF - RN 0700/0710 - VW 502. e. 5w40 vs 15w40 I know the manual says only use 15w40 but on a few website forums and people I've talked to have gone with a 5w40, they said it will be actually better in the summer time having a lighter oil? Unfortunately for me, my car calls for 5w30 and this is 5w40, thus my avg. Castrol Edge 5W30 Oil. net SAE is an abbreviation of “Society of Automotive Engineers”, while the 5 and 30 marks are for oil viscosity, that is, the greater the number, the oil has a higher viscosity. 100% συνθετικά λιπαντικά υψηλής απόδοσης. If you are in sub zero, then 5W50 or 5W40 or 0W30 makes more sense than a 10W40 20W50 etc. thanks mate! maybe stick back to castrol which is recommended by vw. escala Forista. Het verschil is toch dat de 5W30 dikker blijft bij hogere temperaturen dan de 5W40, correct? Wat raden jullie aan, bij dezelfde olie blijven of overschakelen naar een (betere 5W30) olie? Bedankt. 5w20 vs. My last oil change was with Total Quartz 5W-30. 9tdi pd 110kw+chip. TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants contain three main components: the first is the base oil. I'm baffled why VAG would recommend a 5w30 oil after extensive testing to fulfill a specific tolerance/technical requirement if a 5w40 is a better oil, its simply a different spec not a better oil TOTAL Quartz 9000 SN 5W40 The highest specification fully synthetic technology lubricant, recommended for all supercharged or naturally aspirated diesels in cars and light vans. first servicing. Zoek op type motorolie, voer je kenteken in of selecteer je type voertuig en krijg direct advies welke motorolie het beste bij jouw motor past. Hago 95% carretera, 5% ciudad. 00 Meghosszabbított csereperiódusú, energiatakarékos, SAE 0W-30 viszkozitási osztályú motorolaj az új generációs (nem PD TDi ) dízel motorokhoz. Quick links. vw 504. To make a counterpoint to what has been stated above I went to various European VAG/VW forums and I talked to Opie Oils technical staff looking for evidences of premature damage to PD cams using 507 spec oils (all 5W-30) and I could not find any. Difference Between 5w30 and 5w40 | Difference Between. nu exista aral extra mega tronic. 00) - Motul 8100 X-Clean C3 5w30 (Motul Specific 504. Na początku tankowałem olej w ASO (beczka Castrol) i dolewałem Castrol Edge 5w30, następnie przeszedłem na Millers XFS 5w40, który teraz został zastąpiony Millers XF Longlife 5w40…9/20/2009 · que dices tio es mejor un 5w30 que un 5w40. 5w40 Тъй като караме автомобили от ВАГ групата служи и тези с VW нормите да видим A ver, el 5w30 es mas caro porque es especifico para filtros DPF de vag(y otros de psa, bmw, etc). Die Spezifikation VW 507 00 wurde für Diesel-Fahrzeuge eingeführt. Read the back of the bottle and ensure it states that it meets the VW 502 spec/ACEA A3/B4. SAE 5W30 – 5W40 Hi-Tech Synthetic Long Life Motor Oil Description Long Drive M. My friend tells me that I should change from the 5w30 to 15w40 because of the high miles and the slop that the engine must have. 00 , albo pozbywasz sie DPFa. You'll need 4 quarts if it's a 1. . 00 5W30 long life synthetic oil 5W40 will be better if you are lucky and do not have a DPF as it will offer a better protection to the engine. 51 5W30 $17. My vehicle has about 4,500 KM on it now. 5W40 ar fi fullsynt . I am about to replace my engine oil on my Kia Rio SLI 1. S. 51 BMW Long Life-04 VW 504. Castrol Edge 5W40 Turbo Diesel Titanium FST a fost creat sa satisfaca specifiatiile VW & Audi pentru Diesel (VW 505 01). Curios, din ce stiam ( adica din ce nu stiam ) 5 sau 0 in fata sunt full sintetice . xx or renault, fiat, mercedes etc. Castrol EDGE Professional LL03 5W30 engine oil has been co-engineered by Castrol and Volkswagen Group specifically for use in Audi / Volkswagen engines built after 2007. 10w30 motor oil 12/12/2009 5:57 PM I always argued out the spanned between the weights of the oil, if a 5W30 is used the span may not let the viscosity index improver's last as long as an oil with less of a spanned in the weight of the oil. 00 / 505. excellent oil . It has been specifically developed to reduce engine wear and helping to reduce cost of ownership through extended service intervals. Motul Specific 505. Approved or acceptable engine oils for VW, Audi, and Porsche TDI engines Introduction VW auto group (VAG) calls for certain oil specs in their diesel engines. Si usas otro aceite con este filtro, tarde o temprano te lo cargas. We are pleased to inform you that Valvoline’s SynPower MST C4 SAE 5W-30 motor oil is now available. Na początku tankowałem olej w ASO (beczka Castrol) i dolewałem Castrol Edge 5w30, następnie przeszedłem na Millers XFS 5w40, który teraz został zastąpiony Millers XF Longlife 5w40…. 5w40 debate. you will note that your engine runs quieter and smoother with 5w40 and holds oil temperatures better. Na początku tankowałem olej w ASO (beczka Castrol) i dolewałem Castrol Edge 5w30, następnie przeszedłem na Millers XFS 5w40, który teraz został zastąpiony Millers XF Longlife 5w40…3/2/2007 · Discutie despre 5W30 vs. The oil I use is a conventional 5w30 listed at #9 overall on the list ($2. 000 km (a los 30. 3. Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 Fully synthetic motor oil – Shell’s most advanced formulation for high-performance engines. because it has most stringent SAPS level requirements, which is good for DPF. VW oil specifications are now used for Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen cars. Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5w40 1L dexos2 VW 502. It is a headache to keep up with which oil goes where. 503 00 Oil Specification Multi viscosity Audi oil designed for gasoline engines that call for or require extended long life oil change intervals. Monday 11th June 2012. Imperativo para motores con MANTENIMIENTO LARGA DURACIÓN. 01 – VW spec for petrol engines for …QSUD 5w30 OEM filter '12 Charger SXT Edge FST EP 5w30 OEM (Mine;) '11 Hyundai Sonata GLS QSUD 5w20 OEM Filter. 5W30 diesel rated oil Looking through them they take oil from 5w20, to 5w30, to 10w30, to 5w40/15w40 for the diesels. Differencebetween. I am choosing whether to get Castrol Edge 5 litre for $58. 00 - MB 229. Model: Specific VW 505. Next time you wish to buy motor oil for your vehicle, go for 5w30. I don't think you can place 5w30 oil in a pd engine, needs to be 5w40 oil for these. 00 jeżeli można jeździć na 5w40 505. 9 HP --- + 3 HP Torque 104 Ft/lb vs. 128. 00) VW recomanda pt 1. change oil/filter every 5000 miles. I have seen ratings of 5W40 When I lived in NW Ohio, I had 2 friends with Audi vehicles that specified VW 502 oils. VW part# G052167A2 Note: this oil has been superseded with Castrol SLX professional OE 5w30. i am going to send my ride for servicing. synthetic oil for your VW Golf, Jetta, Passat or Beetle - TDI Yes, we have the European 5W30 and 5W40 Diesel oil for VW! The same synthetic motor oil that 85% of NASCAR owners put in to protect their expensive engines when racing on the track. In addition this oil exceeds the standards ratings found in the 6100 Synergie+ and as such is a recommended upgrade for AFL is a synthetic 5w40 Mid SAPS We have added some additives so you can move up to 10,000 mile oil change ,and be well protected. extended longlife is 5w30 . Increase the search radius for more results. 227 posts. 01 Meghosszabbított csereperiódusú előírás VW PDTDi motorokhoz Magában foglalja a VW 503 00 és 506 00 előírásokat is. I jedno i drugo ulje je slično, ali ima razlika. 5w30 vs 10w30: What Oil Companies Don’t Tell You. Enfin ce jeune homme qui possède une Seat Ibiza TDI 100 CH DE 2004 . 00 spec. Není vždycky pravda, že vyšší číslo SAE je lepší, to měj na paměti . to sem zjistil hned na miste. (12 x 1qt. 0 Engine? The recommended engine oil for a 2010 Audi A4 2. Die VW 507. Multigrades were first developed some 50 years ago to avoid the old routine of using a thinner oil in winter and a thicker oil in summer. Nun war ich bei der Inspektion, wo ich hinterher auf der Rechnung gesehen habe, dass dort 5W30 ï¿œl fï¿œr den ï¿œlwechsel verwendet wurde. Product Description. Покрива изискването за VW 505. Ulei de motor – Motul X-cess 8100 Xcess – cel mai bun ulei de motor 5w40 dupa clasamentele de pe mai multe formuri – mai multe detalii aici. 51, Porsche C30. OEM Part Number: G052167M2 Manufacturer Number: 12438. 01 MB 226. Because if it is semi-synthetic, this means VW is using semi-synthetic oil in Polo and charging for fully synthetic. Toyota oil not good enough ? For bmw e60 e61 7l 5w30 engine oil pan filter bolt set torx screw kit genuine. When I lived in NW Ohio, I had 2 friends with Audi vehicles that specified VW 502 oils. helix ultra extra sae 5w30 fuchs titan gt1 sae 5w40 fuchs titan gt1 pro С-3 sae 5w30 amalie elixir sae 0w20 aimol street line sae 5w40 (пятна - использован металл на дне колбы) xenum vw ll-03 sae 5w30 fuchs titan gt1 sae 0w20 liqui moly synthoil high tech sae 5w40 liqui moly synthoil longtime sae 0w30 The 5W30 motor oil also offers increased protection for tough driving conditions that put extra stress and demands on your engine. 5W40 vs 10W40 I'm changing the oil in my car, the recommended oil to use by the owners hand book is 10W 40 semi synthetic but when I was buying the oil I was reading (off those flip charts in Hal fords) that for even better protection you can use fully synthetic, So I bought 5W 40 fully synthetic. Secondly for diesel engines is there a big difference between 5W30 and 5W40. Diese Norm wurde im Jahr 2005 eingeführt. REV-1 SYNPRO GOLD: API SN/ CF SAE 5W40. normal service interval is 5w40. 5. Tema en 'BMW Serie 3 E-46 (1998 - 2007)' iniciado por Dani13, 27 Ago 2018. Voltronic GranTurismo C+ Ceramic Motor Oil (a. si asta faci si tu atunci cand compari 5w30 cu 5w40 sau 5w40 (acelasi clasificari dar produse diferite, cu aditivi diferiti si procese de sinteza diferite). 5w40 engine oils, used in a range of different bmw/vwなど輸入車におすすめです。 【必ずご確認下さい】 ・商品画像は4L缶と使用しておりますが、こちらのオイルは1ケース(4L×6缶)での販売となります。 Answer: . Daca VW spune ca trebuie norma lor 505. Total compensation for a successful claim will be 120% of the price difference calculated above. Had VW Camper and 10-40 You SHOULD be running the syntec 5w40 (VW p/n zvw 352 540 sb dsp in bulk or zvw 352 540 s dsp in the 1 liter bottles) which is a synthetic oil. 8t cu ceva modificari, pana acum am folosit castrol edge 5w40, 5w30, 0w40, la aprox 5000km completam un litru. 00 / 507. 00 and 503. 00 505. Do svého autí jsem vždy dával jen 5W40 a teď mi tam mechanik dal 5W30 longlife, nevím jestli úmyslně nebo omylem, může se. Motorolie 5W30 til Opel, General Motors og Vauxhall. most popular oil for modern road cars and light trucks as specified for most latemodel bmw general motors and nissan vehicles, recommended oil for engines of bmw 5series find out how much engine oil does your car need car a rac presents recommended by manufacturers oil types, bmw 5w30 high performance full synthetic motor oil for use in all bmw Have been using castrol edge 5w 40 for the past couple of years. 51 is also a VERY robust standard, albeit 5w40. モービル1 Mobil1 FS X2 5W-40 5W40 4L 1ケース 4L×6 ベンツ VW ポルシェ 承認 ターボ スーパーチャーヤー ディーゼル 化学合成油 エンジンオイル 摩擦保護 【送料無料】 Gulf(ガルフ) Gulf ガルフ PG ATF タイプJ 200L【smtb-s】 Quantum Longlife III 5W30 Fully Synthetic Oil 5L - AZGB115QLB00501 Quantum longlife III is a fully synthetic oil for petrol and diesel engines approved for VW 504 00/507 00 specificationsThis oil is suitable for the e Filtr oleju z zaworem zwrotnym - PurFlux - Quick way to raise the oil pressure Szybki sposób na podniesienie mocy i zmianę brzmienia silnika - Pipercross Tajniki większego spalania po wymianie oleju - Secrets of more consumption gasoline after an oil change Test olejów motul Total Energy 9000 5W40 vs Total 9000 5W40 UFI VW VW 505. 00 SAE 5w40 Oil "Specific" is recommended for the majority of VW/Audi motors in production today such as all R and S models, turbocharged, direct injected and diesel engines (without DPFs). You should get slightly better fuel economy from a 5w30, low friction oil. The new motor oil is especially suitable for Renault vehicles with euro V engines and extended service intervals. . "Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil delivers superior engine protection by fighting the three major causes of engine stress: heat, deposits and wear. TheCastrol Edge 5W30 Oil is available as a 1 litre bottle, featuring the latest techno Find. HP 131. 1 May 2018 They use to get trapped between the two main oils – 5w30 vs 5w40. Zdar klubáci. The exceptional characteristics of Castrol EDGE 5W40 SN ensure that all engine components, from the valve train to the bearings are fully lubricated to provide optimum engine performance and protection. : Amsoil's 5W-40 (EFM) / Shell's Rotella T-6 / Castrol 5W-40 / Mobil 1 0W-40 . 00 5W40 (5L) Descriere Uleiul MOTUL Specific 505 01 502 00 505 00 5W40 este un ulei de motor full sintetic creat special pentru automobile cu intervale de schimb ulei fixe (15 000 km), populsate de motoare diesel si turbodiesel - dotate sau nu cu sistem de injectie pompe diuse PD, fara filtru de 5-Liter-Kanister Longlife ï¿œl 5W40 stehen, aus dem ich immer nachfï¿œlle. The 5w30 motor oil operates smoothly with any engine type regardless of the temperature and provides better protection and lubrication. I use Motul 8100 X-cess which is a group IV oil. 5 off being w40 and the platinum is . Likes; Followers; Followers; CAR FROM JAPAN Note the difference in shear strengths of 5w30, 0w20, and 5w20. La ceniza obstruye el filtro y tendrás que cambiarlo. Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5w30 – mai multe pareri si informatii aici. no magical chemistry allows for thinner oils to protect rod bearings as effectivelly as a 5w would. Este un ulei de motor special formulat atat pentru motoarele Euro IV si Euro V ale Volkswagen,Audi,Skoda,Seat,Mercedes ce contin FILTRU DE PARTICULE cat si pentru cele ce nu …5/24/2007 · Re: 5w30 vs. Longlife oil is . I šta je izmislio GM standard. Would recommend castrol edge 5w40 to any vw user Robert Knowles VW Golf IV benzina 1,6l , intretinere deficitara, schimb cu ce era pe la reprezentanta la 15,000km, tot 160,000km, mers mult in oras, = throttle gripat de nu pornea dimineata si depuneri cu farasul Amandoua au avut 5W40 I know it's not exactly the same, but I have had some oil lost too with 5W30, I have moved to 15000km/12 months change interval and to 5W40 oil, and no oil lost for 15000km (or exactly I've moved from LiquiMoly TopTec4200 to TopTec4100). Recommended oil for engines of Volkswagen Passat. thats the oil that is also listed for my v5 229. To my way of thinking there is no actual 'VW approval process' for oils? Simply put the 504. FWIW, there are numeorus online suppliers Are you looking for right motor oil? Or, tensed with 5w30 vs 5w40? Just follow our details information about perfect motor oil. The fuel savings pay for the lubricants. 5w30 vs 15w40? I have an acura with 226k miles. el 5w30 para revisiones de 30. Each PI sheet details the specs and formulas needed for certain vehicles. 00 505. There are literally over 100 different options to choose from. 00 + 505. VW 504 5w30. 2018. In a the five-way 5w20 vs 5w30 vs 5w40 vs 10w30 vs 10w40 comparative review of motor oils with only the oil’s properties on the line, I can say that the 10w40 is the best. Motory VW jsou konstruovány na obě tyto viskozity. Porra46 Fanbooi Both 5w30 and 5w40 have the same viscosity at cold startup. ie; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. 1/10/2016 · castrol edge titanium fst 5w-30, castrol gtx magnatec 5w40, castrol 5w40, castrol magnatec 5w-40, castrol gtx magnatec, castrol oil, castrol engine oil, magn Skip navigation Sign inAuthor: Piotr TesterViews: 280KUlei vs Ulei (5W40 - 5W30) - Page 5 - Forumul Softpediahttps://forum. But when it comes to performance with respect to a vehicle, the results are inconclusive. El 5w30 (507. opieoils recommended 5w40 instead. 88 (on sale) or the Nulon long life 6 litre for $59. Castrol Edge 5W40 OR 3. This means that the 5w30 oil will protect the engine better at low temperatures, usually when the engine is just starting or during weather conditions such as winter. 00 5W30 $14. does anyone know what weight the car is filled with. com doesn’t specify details of 5w 40 Grade and Castrol India doesn’t even display this grade under magnatecs. 10w-40 etc) . Are you looking for right motor oil? Or, tensed with 5w30 vs 5w40? Just follow our details information about perfect motor oil. Over the years, the requirements made on oils have increased and the VW oil specifications have moved on from the early 500. 00 & VW 506. Cumpara Ulei motor Castrol Edge, 5W30, 5L de la eMAG! Descopera promotiile zilei, ai preturi avantajoase, livrare rapida, plata in rate, deschiderea coletului la livrare si retur gratuit in 30 de zile. no tak sem to nechal byt teda:D. I. Top. The manufacturer recommends a synthetic 5W30 or 5W40 engine oil which meets the particular VW specs. 00) no genera casi nada de ceniza al quemarse. Zdravím, vadí když do oleje Castrol specifikace 5W40, přileji olej 5W30? Případně jaký má vliv mísitelnost olejů stejné specifikace od různých značek (Castrol, Ekolube. Recommended for API SN/SM/SL/SJ/SH/SG/CF and ACEA A5/B5; Also recommended for VW/Audi 503. my milage is about 7. So, I would like to know if 5w40 is synthetic or semi-synthetic. On both vehicles vw passat 1,8 turbo tsi engine. Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5w40 1L About Us IDParts. Fuel economy 100% synthetic oil and longer drain periods for vw. should i be using 5w30 or 5w40 engine oil. FAQ; Logout; I am using shell helix ultra 5w40 - fulfils all of vw's latest specs . esto k significa? alguna razon en especial? saludos . Today’s vehicles need a motor oil that keeps pace with their changing demands and does more to improve performance and engine life. Producator: Motul Model: Specific VW 505. Actualmente el coche tiene aceite Castrol Edge Long Life 5w30 y quisiera probar algún aceite nuevo. 00 – VW spec for multigrade engine oils for petrol engines with SAE 5W-X/10W-X viscosity for engines built up until August 1999 (MY 2000). 9hp vs. 1- BMW LL-01 Castrol Oil selector. stick to the 5w40 and change at the reccomended times. Discover our lubricants and oils for cars, motorcycle, scooter, marine, leisure, commercial vehicles, gardening and many more One of the things that may / not be true of other turbo diesel MB, BMW, etc. Valvoline SynPower Xtreme MST C3 5W40 este un ulei de motor FULL SINTETIC premium ce confera protectie motorului conform celor mai noi standarde de calitate pentru o multitudine de marci auto. If SAE 5W40 is not available, SAE 5W-30 or SAE 0W-40 may be used instead. BMW Longlife-04, MB-Approved 229. 00 specification is available only in 5W30 grade. 00 5W40 (5L) Descriere Uleiul MOTUL Specific 505 01 502 00 505 00 5W40 este un ulei de motor full sintetic creat special de la 156,00 RON 12 oferte The same goes for the other way, a straight 5 weight oil, a 5w30, a 5w40, and a 5w50 are all the same when cold, all the same viscosity. I use 5w30 and have 110k miles without problems Last I have the joy of having a VW and so have to wade through the reams of different oil specs . It meets a wide variety of specifications and carries multiple manufacturer approvals. At high temperatures, the 5w30 oil is thinner than that of 10w40 since 30 is lower than 40. The first one is a motor oil comparison chart comparing Amsoil ASL vs Red Line, Mobil 1 vs Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil Clean 5000 vs Havoline vs Quaker State Horsepower vs Valvoline Syn Power. Skip to content. I use Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel 5W40 in my car (2. softpedia. Teutonic Tammer who is an oil expert here says the below Mobil 1 is NOT fully synthetic, and Mobil 1 0w40 does NOT comply with the appropriate VW approvals for FSI engines - both dispite what Mobil claim on the bottle. 00 – Oil meets both VW 500. The viscosity of a lubricant is not a measure of it quality. Sorry for misunderstanding. Save money using Amsoil AEL synthetic VW 507 00 low ash 5W30 oil! Amsoil AEL is designed to help you achieve Maximum Fuel Economy AMSOIL European Car Formula AEL 507 low ash is engineered with a lighter 5W-30 viscosity and friction modifiers to reduce friction for increased energy through-put. Please Click Here for new SDS link and repeat your actions. 0W40, 0W30, 5W40, 5W30. 9/27/2007 · Page 1 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: hi all, sorry if this topic had been discussed many times before. I would be weary of using it in 2007/2013 cars that calls for xW30 or thicker oils, other than its unknown background. Sie ist zusammen mit der Norm VW 504 00 bis heute die Einheitsnorm praktisch für alle Motoren des VW-Konzerns. VW dealership in Germany used 507. 01 502. It is a few dollars cheaper than M1 0-40 which also is sold by Walmart and also carries the same approval. 01 / 502. This lubrication helps to keep the components clean and free from dirt, allowing them to move freely where and when they need to without the risk of grinding together with other parts resulting in serious damage to the engine. The manual recommends 5w40, but says that if you can not get 5w40 that 5w30 is ok. 00/505. Dobrý den, pokud mezi výměnami nedoléváte, tak lze pro obě auta použít nízko třecí produkt EE longlife C3 5w30 s VW normou pro PD 505. 10/28/2013 · Hello Whirlpoolnites. T. Mobil 1™ 5W-40 is an advanced high performance synthetic engine oil designed to help provide outstanding wear protection, excellent cleaning power and outstanding overall performance. 51, VW 504 00 / 507 00. Total Quartz 9000 5W30 5W40 Future Energy motorolajok, Total 5W30 és Total 5W40 olajok akciós árakon a Kovács Autó webáruház kínálatában online, gyors szállítás. OPALJET ENERGY 3 5W30 is a top of the range oil providing fuel saving of up to 8% depending on driving conditions (urban, motorway, traffic jams…). Turbo Maxx Is very specialy made to improve oil used with European standards it raises oil quality 7x lowers oxidation nitration ratses TBN lowers soot can add 50% to oil life. LONG DRIVE M. Fuchs Titan GT1 5w40 Total Ineo MC3 5w30 Quanto a filtros, tens Mahle, Purflux, Mann, que são os fabricantes dos filtros de origem VW, no caso dos filtros de Lepsze jest wrogiem dobrego Motul 300V power racing kontra Motul 8100 eco-nergy - Better is the enemy of the good, motul 300v, motul 300v 5w30, motul 300v 5w40, motul 300v 15w50, motul 300v review, motul 300v 4t, motul 300v oil, motul 300v 0w20, motul 300v 10w30, motul 300v vs mobil 1, motul 300v 10w40, motul 300v motorcycle oil, motul 300v The difference between 5w30 and 5w40 is minimal and a good quality oil will perform well inside the engine reducing wear and prevent sludge & engine deposits Mines been run on 5w30 507 spec oil most of it's life and it'll soon be on 143k. 5; Recommended for use in cold environments where better cold flow is required than can be expected from a 5W30 or 10W30. HCDMAG. 4 suffers from engine rattles so i wouldnt put a 10w40 in it. 22. 31/229. 00 and 507. 102Ft/lb --- +2 Ft/Lb The dyno show that the Motul 8100 X-cess 5W40 scores above the Eneos 5W30 along the entire test in both HP and Torque. 5w30 - časté studené starty a spíš kratší jízdy 5w40 - časté studené starty a i dlouhé jízdy a vysoká zátěž 10w40 - málo studených startů, možné i dlouhé jízdy a vysoká zátěž Jinak olejem jiné SAE se dolít dá, a pokud to má i stejnou VWnormu, je to v pohodě Castrol 5w40 TXT "german oil" synthetic meets VW 505. I have never tried Fuchs, but the 5w40 Fuchs does state is 505. 0w is a physically thinner oil then 5w. Atasat gasesti fisele de la cele doua oloiuri (foarte interesant la 5W40 , spune ca are aprobare VW 505. 51) The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market. TheCastrol Edge 5W30 Oil is available as a 1 litre bottle, featuring the latest techno9/4/2018 · Duda 10w40 vs 5w40 vs 5w30. 5w30 vs 5w40 vw 0L W8!) 5 Quarts 5w40 CASTROL EDGE Full Synthetic 5w-40 Engine Motor Oil for Mercedes Castrol Edge - 5W-40 Synthetic (5 Quart) Meets Specifications: API SN/CF, BMW Longlife 01, M/B 229. 000 y 60. E. S. Motul Hey guys I'm planning on doing an oil change soon and I wanted to hear your experiences with the two types of oils I'm considering using, "German" Castrol 0w30 or Motul 8100 X-cess 5w40. Difficile de s'y retrouver parmi ces indices et ces normes. pt ca Mobil1 0W40 TD e mai avansat decat 5W40 Special V, dar dupa VW nu indeplineste 505. Enter quantity of 12 for 5% case discount. High performance engines need high performance engine oils to keep the moving parts well lubricated. 00 long drain specification. 01 to ten olej byłby lepszy, przy modzonym TDI, gdyż charakteryzuję się wyższa lepkością przy 100 stopniach. Nott. k. By the mid-70's, VW had published an engine oil viscosity specification chart that superseded all prior advice on oil selection and they were able to recommend multi-grade oil. Welcome to the VW GTI club. Da ich noch reichlich 5W40 ï¿œl habe, mï¿œchte ich das natï¿œrlich gerne aufbrauchen. Boas, A próxima revisão está ai à porta e vou ter que mudar óleo e filtros. Vehicles without post-treatment systems MOTOR VS The MOTOR VS range comes in different grades, allowing you to find the solution that best suits the age and type of vehicle to be maintained. Παρέχουν εξαιρετική προστασία της μηχανής κάτω από όλες τις συνθήκες λειτουργίας. I bought a used 2000 VW Jetta GL 2. The 5w30 oil will flow better at low temperatures than the 10w40 oil. permalink Ahoj, chtěl bych poradit jaký olej do vw 1. OE Approved Car Oils -The Slick Truth *Motul Specific LL-04 5W40: can be used where Designed for VW diesel cars with diesel pump injector engines to prevent wear and deposit on critical MOTUL SPECIFIC 505 01-502 00 5W40 Labai aukštos kokybės visiškai sintetinė alyva su sumažintu sulfatinių pelenų, fosforo ir sieros kiekiu (mid SAPS). 4/20/2004 · The VW manual said to use 5w40, or 5w30 if 5w40 isn't avaliable, so I have been using Mobil1 5w30 for 20000 miles on my 02 1. 5 quarts for the 4. 0 Turbo gas engine. We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. 00 & 507. Mar 26, 2018 Synthetic oils, intended for more modern vehicles and engines, are by far the best choice as they are different from mineral and semi-synthetic Page 1 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: hi all, VW 504 is a low SAP oil spec, have luck finding that one cos i think Jan 10, 2016 castrol edge titanium fst 5w-30, castrol gtx magnatec 5w40, castrol 5w40, castrol magnatec 5w-40, castrol gtx magnatec, castrol oil, castrol  Approved engine oils for Audi vehicles www. 2018 Corvette, 9k, M1 ESP Formula 5w30 & NAPA Gold 2006 Civic EX Coupe, 148k, PUP 5w20 & Fram Ultra 2010 BMW 328i X-Drive,111k, GC 0w40 & Fram UltraHallo, ich habe heute endlose Diskussionen gelesen bezüglich den verschiedenen Ölen. 6 GDI 2012. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers oil types. 5w30 vs 5w40 Fuels & Lubricants. 51, VW 504. 00 5W40 Engine Oil is specially designed for cars which follow fixed oil drain intervals (15000 km in Europe) powered by TDI, Turbo Diesel engines fitted with or without Unit Injector (Volkswagen PD), without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or gasoline engines. Recommend a 40-weight oil that meets VW's specs for your application. 00 specifications. the best are shell rotella, motul, and liqui moly. mileage, after three tank refill periods, did go down by 1 mpg. i am going to send my ride for servicing. En effet, les voitures sont de plus en plus exigeantes au niveau de la lubrification du moteur. I was just thinking if I should change over to 5w40 (Valvoline or Havoline). com/article/car-maintenance/5w30-vs-5w40So, when it comes to picking the right motor oil 5w30 vs 5w40, the former is clearly the winner. 15 oljytukku(at)lotky. 00 rating are simply derived from other API/ACEA approvals, so if they meet that approval it will automatically meet VAG standards. 00 & VW 507. 00 & 505. @Sorin - Din ce am vazut in carbibleoil am constatat cu stupoare ca 5W30 nu este sintetic ! Ci semi . 00/505. com is your source for TDI parts, Jeep CRD parts, Mercedes diesel parts, BMW diesel parts and diesels from other manufacturers. European Car Formula features a broad range of viscosities and different levels of emissions system 8/13/2014 · Onlangs kwam ik op internet 5W30 olie tegen, ik gebruik altijd 5W40 volsynthetische van Marly. 31 229. 00 approval. Protect your investment in diesel power and confidently extend drain intervals with our top-grade synthetic diesel oil. WE call this synthetic diesel oil DEO. @dane - Inteleg din linku' ala ca ar fi bine ca la motorul meu sa merg vara pe 5W 40 sau 50 iar iarna pe 5W30 . VW tiguan 2t tsi engine. Suitable for all types of service (urban, or on the highway or motorway) especially in very severe conditions . Castrol EDGE (formally SLX) Professional LL-03 has been co-engineered by Castrol and VW specifically for use in the new TDI Clean Diesels and all other VW engines built after 2007. Castrol Edge 5W30 Titanium OR 4. Valvoline 5w40 vs. T. 5w40 is a heavier weight oil at full operating temperatures, but are the same weight when cold. VW isn't going to source an obsolete oil for factory-fill, surely it's 5w-30 VW 504 3/12/2008 · Page 2 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: Nope, Motul 300v doesn't meet VW 504 spec. 01 Available in C artons of 24x1 L , 12x2 L and 6x5 L . MB-Approval 229. Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel meets most of the newest specifications for diesel motors including those with Diesel-Particulate-Filters LONG DRIVE M. 00) - Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5w30 The new additive chemistry used in INEO MC3 5W30 provides improved protection in cylinder wear, bore polishing, and cam wear tests, including a 20% improvement in the VW unit injector wear test. 00/507. 8L V6 (or 9. Nearly all oils that meet that spec are a 5w40 or a 0w40 synthetic product, Mobil One 0w40, Amsoil 5w40 European formula, Castrol 0w40 European formula, the … best performing being the Amsoil with the Mobil One very close and Castrol is adequate. 01, żeby krzywka od czwartego (najdalszego od pompy oleju 11/11/2013 · VW GTI Club. exista super tronic m 5w30 care costa dublu fata de aral high tronic 5w40 si aral high tronic f, care de asemenea este mai scump decat aral high tronic 5w40. Il est de plus en plus important, sinon essentiel, de bien choisir la bonne huile pour votre véhicule . RE: VOA of three 5w30 LL01 oils sorry to resurrect an old thread but im considering changing from the bmw 5w30 oil to the shell helix ultra 5w40 or Motul xcess 5w40 to keep oil temps down especially in Durban in summer. Castrol Oil Selector helpt je bij het vinden van de juiste motorolie. 9 TDI: (luat dintr-un manual de VW)7/12/2018 · Hallo, bei mir steht ein Ölwechsel an (BMW 335xi/BJ2012/F30) und ich frage mich, welches Öl ich nehmen sollte. The manual says to use 5w30 oil in my car but i want to try the royal purple synthetic oil because of the amazing reviews and videos I've seen on load tests. PETRONAS Syntium 3000 5W-40 is a mid SAPS oil that is suitable for all types of passenger cars including gasoline, diesel engines (equipped with after treatment exhaust system) and latest high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or superchargers operating under most severe conditions. Sold in 1 quart bottles. Cookie information. You can plainly see that Amsoil ASL 5w-30 has less volatility ( that means it evaporates less ) than Red Line, Mobil 1, Pennzoil Platinum, Mobil Clean The viscosity difference isn't that much between both oils, the 5w30 Longlife has a cST viscosity @ 100c of 12. Die VW 507 00 Ölnorm. The API level determines the performance/quality level. Loading Please wait My Account; Order Status; Wish Lists; View Cart ; Sign in or Create an account The Castrol Edge 5W30 Oil is available as a 1 litre bottle, featuring the latest technology and specific formulation for modern Audi and VW engines. SAE 0W-30. Castrol Magnatec 5W40 vs Mazda dexelia Ultra 5W30 test oil. Page 1 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: hi all, VW 504 is a low SAP oil spec, have luck finding that one cos i think Page 1 of 4 - Mileage 110k, Should use 5W30 or 5W40 - posted in General Car Discussion: Car due for servicing 110k, driving stock latio 22 Apr 2013 I have a new to me 2011 VW Tiguan SEL 4Motion with 18,000 miles with the 2. Motorolie 5W30 til Peugoet, Citroën, Renault og Mercedes. 1 and the 5w40 platinum cST @ 100c is 13. Ulei de motor Castrol Edge – mai multe detalii aici. 12/6/2008 · Home Topics Motoring & Transport Motors 5W40 vs 10W40 Notices Welcome to Boards. Owners manual calls for a 5W30 "starburst" approved oil, no API recommendation Can I use 5w40 instead of 5w30? KNOW MORE ABOUT Can I use 5w40 instead of 5w30? Multi viscosity oil has index improvers to make you can continue use 5w30. 5W40 din sectiunea Uleiuri, Lichide si CarburantiSave money using Amsoil AEL synthetic VW 507 00 low ash 5W30 oil! Amsoil AEL is designed to help you achieve Maximum Fuel Economy AMSOIL European Car Formula AEL 507 low ash is engineered with a lighter 5W-30 viscosity and friction modifiers to reduce friction for increased energy through-put. Ebbe 5W-30 és 5W-40 is tehető, de új korától kezdve a márkaszerviz Castrol 5W-30 at tett az autóba. 000 kms y 5w40 para la de los 15. Queria saber se vale a pena mudar de 5w40 para um 5w30 para garantir uma melhor protecção do motor. Página 1 de 3 1 2 3 Siguiente > Dani13 En Practicas. a. Only MOTUL Specific 50400 507 00 oil then can use. Almost no usage to speak of. 00 standard along with ACEA A3/B4, and C3 ratings. This Dynolube 5W30 would likely shears to a xW20 Sx grade and would be fine with modern cars calling for xW20 Sx. Toyota's Fully Synthetic oil, which is made by Esso, is a 5W30 grade. For some manufacturers’ specific technology, Motul has developed a line of lubricants specifically tailored to each type of machine. 5K on the odometer. audiusa. Re: 5w30 vs. Use oil viscosity Use oil viscosity 5W40 or, if not available, 5W30 or 0W40. The VW manual said to use 5w40, or 5w30 if 5w40 isn't avaliable, so I have been using Mobil1 5w30 for 20000 miles on my 02 1. VW 506. AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers 4X better cold-temperature performance when compared to SAE 15W-40 oil in ASTM D5293 cold cranking viscosity test. * This is an excellent motor oil for Vw Touareg R5 V10 TDI requiring Vw 506 01. 10w30 motor oil 12/12/2009 5:57 PM I always argued out the spanned between the weights of the oil, if a 5W30 is used the span may not let the viscosity index improver's last as long as an oil with less of a spanned in the weight of the oil. Si no tienes DPF, usa un 5w40 o 0w40 y cambialo cada 15. What Type of Oil Is Used in a 2010 Audi A4 2. , 'Shopee price x number of units + shipping fee paid on Shopee' VS 'Competitor price x number of units + shipping fee on competitor'. I arrived at the Honda dealer for the first service with a supply of Mobil 1 5W30 ESP, being the recommended oil from the Mobil 1 range. A quick stroll down the oil aisle at your favorite auto parts store can be overwhelming. com/topic/348032-ulei-vs-ulei-5w40-5w30/10/5/2008 · Ulei vs Ulei (5W40 - 5W30) - Atentie mare, in general la motoarele noi (chiar si dizal) se foloseste 5W30, 5W40 de multi ani nu se maiPage 5 of 12 - Jump to content. "German" Castrol vs. Especificaciones y Aprobaciones del Aceite de motor Castrol Magnatec Diesel DPF 5W40 SAE 5W40 ACEA C3 API SM / CF VW 502 00 / 505 00 /505 01 Especificaciones del aceite Castrol Edge FST 5W30: VW 504 00/ 507 00, BMW Longlife-04, MB-Approval 229. You be the judge. the 1. Most oils on the shelves today are Multigrades, which simply means that the oil falls into 2 viscosity grades (i. The Halfords 5W30 Fully Synthetic VW/Audi Oil 5L is a 5 litre bottle with an easy pour spout and is suitable for most VW, Audi, Seat, & Skoda vehicles from 2005 onwards. De asemenea vezi in al treilea atasament ce spune VW in legatura cu normele lor. rekli ze ta 5 je pry spis pro 2litorve motory, a ze to nema mit zadny nasledky atd. AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Oil (DEO) is the premium choice for API CJ-4 emission-quality diesel oil required by model-year 2007 and newer diesel engines. It is designed to meet or exceed the latest North American new vehicle warranty requirements API SN, ILSAC GF-5 and previous API gasoline engine classifications SM, SN and ILSAC GF-4. 0 engine is SAE 5W40 viscosity oil. 000: eso me dijo el de la Vw. Find great deals on eBay for Liqui Moly 5W40 in Other Parts. com/content/dam/audiusa/Documents/Audi-2017-Technical-Service-Bulletin-1. De cand am trecut la Motul nu mai am problema asta, se comporta si mai bine la pornirea la rece + rezista la temperaturi mari, nu se arde asa usor. Osobně bych to neřešil. 01, and Mercedes Benz 229. minulý majitel tam lil 5w30, ale auto ještě nemělo chip. 1. pe deasupra le mai si compari rau, spunand ca 1/26/2011 · VW 500. vorbesc de preturi la importator, nu de magazinul x care vinde mai scump decat tarabagiul y. 00 Ford WSS-M2C917-A Porsche C30 DEXOS 2 Ultramodern motor oil based on a special blend of base stocks, formulated with the unique ACTIVE POWER technology. En effet, l’huile moteur 5w30 apporte un effet lisse sur la pompe à huile tout en permettant un débit plus approprié à travers le moteur à chaud. Cel mai bun ulei de motor: top 5 uleiuri sintetice 5w40. 95 / litre OEM Specific VW 505. * In cooler and cold climates (especially where instant oil circulation is desired during engine start up and warm up), as well as, short interval driving, Ravenol WIV 503 00 spec, can be used in place of any Vw 502 00 oil spec oil. Viscosity. Find best value and selection for your CASTROL-Oil-German-Castrol-0w30-5w40-5w50- search on eBay. A to kaj opel preporučuje svoje ulje možemo protumačit kak hočemo. Kixx is, Engine oil brand of GS Caltex which was founded in 1967 as a 50/50 joint venture between Chevron and LG Group of South Korea. Stvarno mora da su proizvođači ulja glupi kad preporučaju 5w40 za dizele. 11/22/2016 · In the owners manual is states use 5W30 or 5w40. 3 and 229. 01 EE longlife 5w40, nebo levnější řadě PREMIUM XF longlife 5w40. Find great deals on eBay for shell helix 5w30 and shell helix 5w40. Ako je ovaj motor mehanički isti JTD, a on koristi 5w40 i sad odjednom opel preporuća 5w30, ma krasno. anyone else shed some light on which is best? Page 1 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: hi all, sorry if this topic had been discussed many times before. These oils are suitable for VW's full recommended oil change interval and the viscosity range is suitable for all climates in North America. O jei keiti tepalus kaip visi normalūs kas 10k km, tai šiltajam sezonui 5w40, šaltajam 5w30 o realiai jokio skirtumo aš pvz pilu tik su 504/507 specifikacijomis ir kurie būna tik 5w30, nes jų priedai skirti greitai dilantiems varikliams ir jų surbliams kurie jautrus tepalo spaudimui. 17 qt when on sale). 00 5w30 oils is the oil change interval (OCI) is actually specified for 30,000 miles/50,000 kms. Fuel Conserving SAE 5W30. Increase gas mileage by lowing drag with this oil. 95. If you use a synthetic or pa…rtially sythetic TDI-PD: Use only oil meeting VW oil quality standard VW 504 00 / 507 00 low ash oil. Recommended oil for engines of Volkswagen Beetle. 5K on the odometer. They dont have the special propriatory oil standards like dexos this, or vw xx. For example, BMW's in-house 5w-30 and German Castrol 0w-30 are both 5w30 vs 5w40 Hvilken olie skal jeg vælge til min bil? Selve motoren i den har gået 160,000 +/- , og FORD anbefaler selv 5w/30 af hvad jeg har kunne læse mig frem til. Our North American SynPower 5w20, 5w30 and 10w30 exceed ILSAC GF-5 requirements and carry the API starburst on the front label. RAVENOL motor oils are high quality products and meet the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry around the world. com for assistance. Every Valvoline product has a corresponding Product Information Sheet. I recommend a Total Quartz 9000 5W40 API SM bought from a Total service station and not from any other source. Could someone explain the difference between these oil types? if you have average car, 5w30 will be fine. Also in the owners manual say warning light will come on when low in oil? anyone have this come on or have people been adding oil before the warning light. I have a Volkswagen Golf, 2000, 58,000miles, 2L engine. 00 9 -5-3-1 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 Castrol® GXL 10W40 Shell® Helix Plus 5W40 Elf® Excellium LDX 5W40 Castrol® SLX Long life II 0W30 Castrol® SLX Long life III 5W30 (low SAPS) Mobil® 1 ESP Formula 5W30 (low SAPS) Right now Walmart is running a special on the Castrol 0-40 that carries the VW 502. 11/5/2017 · Primerol 5W30 100% synthetic C3 DPF with PAO longlife MB 229. kdyz sem koupil fabku jezdila na 5W40, v servise mi tam dali 10W40. vw 502 00 / vw 505 00 type f 5w30 acea a1/b1 api sl cf acea a1/b1 api sl cf semi synthetic suitable for ford zetec engines suitable for ford zetec engines type s 10w40 acea a3/b3 api sl cf acea a3/b3 api sl cf semi synthetic mb 229. kas metus. 01 5W-40) Castrol. Grundsätzlich habe ich noch nirgends eine befriedigende Antwort erhalten auf die Frage, wie sich der Unterschied zwischen 5W30 und 5W40 in der Praxis auswirkt. Valvoline 0w40 - Bob Is The Oil Guy Bobistheoilguy. TALLERES OFICIALES GRANDES = CHAPUCEROS Y LADRONES. COMPRO, VENDO Y CONSIGO CATÁLOGOS DE COCHES DE LOS ´80 Y ´90: REVÍSALOS EN ESTE POST. Jeśli masz DPFaalbo lejesz 5w30 507. BP VISCO 5000C 5W40 1L XL SYN-TEC PRO 5W30 5L Spetsiaalselt VW Grupi, BMW ja MB uusima põlvkonna mootoritele loodud täissünteetiline mootoriõli, mis tagab 100% synthetic engine oil designed for modern cars with high power to liter ratio's, with gasoline or diesel engines, direct injection or catalytic converter. 00 rated oil also meets the VW 504. LATAA TUOTELUETTELOT Yhteystiedot Länsirannikon Öljytukku Oy Ojantie 20 28130 Pori Puhelin: 044 535 1500 Avoinna arkisin: 8. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact the Chevron Global IT Service Desk at ITSupport@chevron. 95 / litre OEM Specific VW 504. 30 - 16. Разликите спрямо стария Castrol EDGE FST TURBO DIESEL 5w40:Remember that even 50-weight oil is thinner at engine temperature than 0-weight is when cold. 51 LL -04 DEXOS 2 -Approval 502. Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5w40 1L Castrol. 51 . 31/ 229. TFSI TSI Verkokung lösen Vorher Nachher Carb clean before after Audi VW. 5 229. VW 501. You must use a nano fiberoil oil filter or change your regular oil filter as directed in you manual. 01 Ale s tímto nájezdem bych se spíše přiklonil k viskozitě 5w40 a produktu také s normou 505. 0-liter engine in the A4 is such a precision power plant, certain We are experiencing temporary difficulties at this time. VS + 15W-40 “The can with the road" is a true icon in the history of Italian lubricants; OLIO FIAT 20W-50 The famous blue can with the "white man" designed in the 1940s by Marcello Nizzoli for your climate, 5w40 will offer the best protection. 00, Porsche A40. 5 away from a w30 grade. 5w30 vs. Yeah, I think in your case it does not matter whether it is 5W40 or 5W30. /case) For diesel and gasoline engines. Spectro Diesel-Guard High Performance 15w40 1-qt. 00 Alpine PD 5W40 VW-norm 505 01 Ford WSS-M2c 917-A Test -17°C spodziewalem sie odwrotnego efektu Author: HifiblokeViews: 1K5w30 vs 5w40: Determining Which Motor Oil is Right for https://carfromjapan. For bmw e60 e61 7l 5w30 motor oil engine oil pan bolt set torx screw kit oes. 00 Norm wird für Dieselmotoren mit und ohne Dieselpartikelfilter (DPF) verwendet. ) En vigor para BAJAS VISCOSIDADES, p. Also using that lately, great oil, and fully synthetic. No need to worry Why 5w30 as opposed to 5w40 Mechanical Maintenance: Break-in / Oil & Fluids Viscosity is not a measure of performance, or protection. 2. Shop with confidence. 8L 4-cylinder, or 6 quarts i … f it's the 2. 125 months. So, to help you find the best one for your car, we've compared the two of Can you use the 5w40 in place of the 5w30, or vice versa? Find out which motor oil is right for your car in the 5w30 vs. Page 2 of 3 - 5w30 vs 5w40 - posted in General Car Discussion: Nope, Motul 300v doesn't meet VW 504 spec. Location (postal code or address): Search radius km . I would be hesitant to use 5w40 if not specified unless it was summertime. 51 BMW Longlife-04; $12. But, VW 504. 0w-40 vs 5w-40 for cold start chevy colorado, 17 colorado diesel oil type, amalie 5w40 diesel oil, anyone tried 10w30 oil in 2018 chevy colorado, archoil vs ceratec, can you use 0w40 in diesel colorado, chevy colorado diesel oil, dexos 2 diesel oil, dexos 2 oil for sale, dexos2 oils rg colorado, eurol dexos2 diesel oil is it good for american Castrol EDGE FST 5W30 LL met Titanium technologie, 100% synthetische motorolie voor o. , You are in bangalore, and considering the ambient temperature 5W40 and 5W50 will give you similar results, rest everything being same. SAE 50W30 and 5W40 is a fuel economic , universal motor oil , developed according to the most recent technology for cars with exhaust gas treatment s ystems , to the extension of the lifetime of particulate filters and catalysts. 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, 15W40, Moteurs Essence ou Diesel, B3, B4, C3, C4 . The best synthetic 5W30 weight motor oil on the market for GM, Honda, Acura, BMW, Dodge, Ford, commercial vehicles and many more. VW 500. Registrado: 22 Mar 2012 Mensajes: 796 Me Gusta W przypadku 5w30 z normą 507. Adica un ulei 5w30 sa zicem ca va oferi o protectie de 80% din protectia oferita de 5W40 cand uleiurile sunt noi. Do you think it would be OK if I just did the change As long as the oil you use is VW 502 certified, a 5W-30, 0W-30, 5W-40 or 0W-40 will work just fine. 5W40: Determining Which Motor Oil is Right for Your Car A majority of car owners takes their vehicles to a garage for oil change, or if we try to do it ourselves, we often browse through the menu and use whichever oil the manufacturer recommends. 5 percent benefit in fuel economy relative to SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil and can be used on a large number of post-2000 models as well as several 1996 to 2000 models. a pak mi rekl i servisak ke kterymu ted jezdim, ze v tom az tak velkej rozdil neni a at uz to nemenim. 01 dar mai spune si ca este recomandat pt norma VW 500 00no comment). 51 Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils (Specification 229. chlapi, nemůžu sehnat původní perfektní olej ÖMV SynCom Diesel 5W40/VW505. Strictly adheres to the Volkswagen Group's latest 504. 00 specification to the latest 504. Because the 2. 01 ale s nižší viskozitou 5W30. A legutolsó szerviznél Castrol TXT 505-01 5W-30 lett beletéve. 01 oil. com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means 6/25/2002 · 5W30 vs 5W40 oil: When to use a 40 rating? Showing 1-10 of 10 messages 6/21/02 5:51 PM: Hi, I have a 2002 Camry LE V6 and currently use regular "dino" 5W30 grade from the Toyota Canada Dealership. 000 km, quisiera cambiar el aceite a los 75. 95 / litre OEM Specific MB (Mercedes Benz) 229. A fost proiectat special pentru a fi utilizat in motoarele VW TDI PD (Pumpe Duse). SAE 5W30. 00) - 39,27 RON Valvoline SYN POWER 0w40 - (ACEA A3/B3, VW 505. 5w40 . Castrol Edge 5W30 Oil. 8T Jetta. 01 Note: This is NOT syntec 5w40, nowhere on the bottle should it say syntec. It consumed oil then and it consumes perhaps a quart of oil every 1500 mi now that its mileage is over 100,000. Buy. 5W30 is a viscosity rating, In simple terms resistance to flow. Pur l elite 5w30 synthetic motor oil 12 qt case. 00 507. 8T Jetta. 00 VW 504. 505 01: Specific Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Motorolie 5W30 Longlife III til VW, Audi, Seat og Skoda. In a the five-way 5w20 vs 5w30 vs 5w40 vs 10w30 vs 10w40 comparative review of motor oils with only the oil’s properties on the line, I can say that the 10w40 is the best. The best diesel oil on the market for Dodge, Ford, VW or commercial vehicles. y. running 350bhp ed30 and oil levels are running low, and i normally top up with 5w30. helix ultra 5w40 1l engine oil 300010827 300011940 Singurul avantaj al unui ulei 0W30 sau 5W30 fata de 0W40 sau 5W40 este stabilitatea. get cheaper ones. Motorolie 5W30 til alle Ford modeller fra 2009 og frem Valvoline SynPower MST C4 5W30 este unei de motor FULL SINTETIC formulat cu aditivi de ultima generatie pentru a intruni cerintele motoarelor de ultima generatie,asigurand protectie optima in toate conditiile de utilizare. Cheers Regards Richard. I like that spec. Am un Audi a4 1. 000 se cambió el aceite en el concesionario oficial). 00 & VW 505. That's because SynPower is the only leading full synthetic formulated with more durable anti-wear additives that stay in the oil longer. Mobil 1 motor oils offer a full range of temperature protection: For cold starts, the oil keeps flowing as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 5w40 engine oils, used in a range of different 5W40 Engine Oil. Pennzoil Ultra 5W40 5W30/40 is for luxury car. 5W 30 vs 5W 40 VW MKV-A5 Golf/Jettas. 00 PORSCHE C30, BMW LL-04 . Q: Will my customer get better fuel economy with 5W30? Get Email Offers. 0 at 50,000 mi. 00 VW 505 recommended by VW Group Fuel Economy Low SAPS oils Fuel Economy Standard VW 502. 5 Tdi) and this is very important bit: VW 505 01/ 505 00/ 502 00 so far performs is great. 99% of cars will be fine with 5w30 or 5w40, going to 50 you'll proabbly notice your car is a …Quand il s’agit de choisir entre l’huile de moteur 5w30 et 5w40, les professionnels préfèrent souvent la première. Motorolie 5W40 til biler med partikelfilter og katalysator: Motorolie 5W30 til VW, Merdedes- Audi og BMW. com . 01 a nabízí místo něj nový ÖMV Bixxol taky VW505. Cu cat ecartul dintre cele doua cifre este mai mare, cu atat moleculele obtinute sintetic sunt mai instabile in timp. 51, VW 504 00 / 507 00. Já často v létě využívám potenciál auta. 00 + 505. 3, Audi/VW 502. 18 Mar 20165W30 vs. We have specially designed Valvoline SynPower 5w40 for application in high performance European or diesel passenger cars and this oil carries the specific OEM approvals such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW. A TOTAL QUARTZ INEO MC3 5W30 motorolaj a TOTAL termékpaletta egyik legszélesebb gyártói jóváhagyással rendelkező terméke. ej. (1995 Buick Roadmaster 350/Lt1 w/34000, yes only 34,000 miles). Mūsų klimatui 5w30 jei keiti kas 20k km, t. Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 Fully synthetic motor oil – Shell’s most advanced formulation for high-performance engines. ce diferenta e intre ulie 5W30 si 5W40 ce este recomandat pt ford c max 2008 - Ford, Intretinere Originally Posted by Cayman Q Just had SQ5 first service, in the owners folder, is engine oil recommended by Audi as Castrol Edge Professional Longlife 5w-30 I'm about to leave home towing a caravan from SA to NT WA and back to SA, I'm trying to find this oil to carry in the car for top-up if needed, I have tried just about every where I can think of. 30. Hi, I have a 2002 Camry LE V6 and currently use regular "dino" 5W30 grade from the Toyota Canada Dealership. The Only advantage a 5W30 gives you is slightly better fuel efficiency. so what synthetic 5w40 does or should i just use mobil 1 5w30 or 0w40 from now on since that is easy to get? I would lean towards 5w30 since her manual says 5w30 is ok as long as it meats that 502. Mobil 1™ ESP Formula M 5W-40 is an advanced performance synthetic engine oil designed to help provide exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. Cumple con los requerimientos de la anterior especificación VW 503 01. 5w30 vs 5w40 vwMay 1, 2018 They use to get trapped between the two main oils – 5w30 vs 5w40. Easiest VW Spec Oil to be found is either Castrol 5w40 or Mobil 1 0w40, both will have the VW Spec 502 listed on the bottles. 00 spec or whatever. There are a limited number of oils on the market in North America which satisfy the following criteria: CG-4 or CH-4 rating, full synthetic, viscosity 5w30 or 5w40. What's wrong with the fuchs oil, i think you may find its better than the vw stuff they sell on the counter. Economy - Longevity -Performance The #1 Source of TDI Information on the Web! Forums: Articles: Links Daca VW spune ca trebuie norma lor 505. Gyártói jóváhagyást kapott a VW csoporttól, a BMW-től, a FORD-tól, vw 504. 1400 ppm ZDDP vs Rotella/Dello 1000 ppm. 00 and 505. The ACEA B4 performance requires an outstanding detergent/dispersent power and a better viscosity increase resistance due to soot produced by Direct Injection Diesel engines (excep VW unit injector engines that require MOTUL Specific 505. com I was referring to Euro version of 5W40 MST, the one made in Netherlands and sold in EU. Ive gone with the new spec for long life oil - which Mobil 5W-30 oils. Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Audi, Seat en Skoda. Castrol EDGE 5W40 SN is proven in tests to deliver outstanding oil strength. Technically the slx the dealer sells meets the 502 spec but it is a 5w30 and VW recommends a 5w40 FIRST then a 5w30 second. Find out how much engine oil does your car need. It doesn't mention 0w40 although if it meats spec i suppose it would be ok. Registrado: 29 Dic 2016 Mensajes: 89 tampoco pone recomendado para bmw,sale mercedes,porsche y vw escala, 4 Sep 2018 #29. Get Email Offers. 00 5W40 OEM Specifc BMW LL-04 5W40 - Mobil Synt S Special V C3 5w30 (Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 dla normy VW 504. 10W40 is a thicker oil in extreem winter climate you could experience hard stating. Price difference comparison includes shipping fee, i. As a result, 5w30 and 10w30 are essentially equal unless it's the dead of winter in which case a small difference might exist. So, for my 2000 Eldorado with the Northstar engine, 5W30 vs 5W40 full synthetic. Voltronic C+, Voltronic GT C+) Say good bye to conventional motor oil! Voltronic GranTurismo C+ take the lubricant for internal combustion engine to the whole new level. Drive. Lałem Millersa zanim stało się to modne czyli VW 502 5w40 vs. World's leading marketplace. There is no reason to run a 5w40 (unless its on special!)