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best fanfic recs Klance Fic Recs Welcome to my Klance fic rec blog! I only rec fics I consider 10/10 stars, whether it's for their high caliber writing style, character interactions, or ability to provoke intense emotions. 6 years ago with 4 notes #relationship: established #fic recs #author: At her new school Margaery is the Queen Bee and Dany is her British hipster best friend. ] A Bump in the Night by DB2020 — When Halloween coincides with shore leave on Earth, Kirk’s husband and son indulge his illogical love of the holiday. 1a) Each fic is also tagged with the author, if you want to find other recs by them (they’re not included in the tags page list because it would get unmanageable) See full list on royaltealovingkookiness. They will be listed under the following headings: Fanfic of the Moment - the fanfic that I'm currently reading/fangirling about. Part 2; Part 3 kookmin fic rec kookmin ao3 kookmin angst ao3 fic rec jikook abo kookmin smut jikook ficrecs jikook fluff jikook fic recs jungkook 80 notes Mar 19th, 2020 Open in app Fanfiction is one of the most natural expressions of creativity. Cate's List of K/S Fic Recs (this list is very much in-progress and will be updated) TOS: “A Private Obsession” by CatalenaMara K/S from the POV of a man obsessed with Kirk. Long haul the best way to go is to save up and hit a few places at once or travel around somewhere big. and since it’s fanfiction writer appreciation day, what better day to post than today!! there’s probably like 30 more fics on my rec list right now but i didn’t want to make this post too long so those’ll be posted Dec 6, 2019 - This Harry Potter fanfiction continues the legacy that Harry Potter began. After you see the content in this C2 and you like it, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE this C2 and PLEASE REVIEW THE STORY YOU'VE READ to honor his/her effort in making the story. A complex tale based on elements of The Time Traveler’s Wife that crafts an elaborate storyline that will have you both laughing and crying along the way. 안녕! Welcome to TaeKook Fanfiction Recommendations! click here for submissions and recommendations :) Ask me for inquiries. It’s creative, it’s funny as hell, and I don’t know if I’m more entertained by the notion that the last line is a refusal of a hypothetical situation or Dadzawa Fic Recs Part 1 - Bakugo, Todoroki & Midoriya! As you all know I’m pretty Obsessed with Dadzawa…So I thought I’d share with all of you some of my favorite Dadzawa/Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead fic s! I couldn’t fit them all on one page (big surprise) some I’m splitting them up in multiple posts! scorbus scorbus fic rec ccsquad teen and up short muggle culture muggle studies best friends bullying cc compliant homophobia sailing getting together homophobic lanuage 30 notes Sep 25th, 2019 Open in app reddie fic recs hi :) so i recently hit 3k and i thought i would put together a list of my favourite reddie fics to celebrate!! all the fics are linked to ao3 so just click the work title and it’ll take you to the fic! tysm to everyone who has followed me ily all!! Dec 17, 2017 · Anonymous said: Completed fic recs? Answer: we are what we pretend to be - C_AND_B • After the unrestricted office access, and the flowers, and the surprise visits to Catco, everyone just kinda starts These women have given me some of the best reading recommendations I’ve ever received, so who better to help? (Their profiles are at the bottom of the page) Let’s be honest—with a sandpit as huge as fanfic, there was no way we could narrow it down to just 10, so this is a supersized top 15 list. Posts; Archive yoi, yoi fic, otayuri, yoi fic rec, yuri on ice, yuri on ice fanfic, otabek x yurio, yuri plisetsky x otabek altin, additional tags (like angst, fluff, soulmate au, etc. books (Iwaoi Fic Recs) Hello! A list of IWAOI fanfiction that made me feel every emotion there is To be First, To be Best (Classic Iwaoi fic) - https Jan 25, 2019 · bookriot. So do a big trip of south east Asia, explore India, skip over to Hong Kong, Singapore, S Korea, Japan. Aug 07, 2014 · This fic has some really interesting dynamics between Cersei and Brienne because of the latter's involvement with Jaime. Still worth a read, because it’s rather long and the main part of the story did end satisfactorily. here’s the first post i made for fic recs, but i do have a good few more so i’ll put those under the cut!Sans the Science Skeleton - sans does some science demonstration’s for toriel’s class. Bechloe Fic Rec Masterlist Calzona Fic Rec Masterlist Calzona Fic Rec Masterlist This was intended to be a personal masterlist of all the fic I’ve read through the years for a few different fandoms but in light of recent events I feel like we all need the fluff, which is what this is mostly composed of. I’d complained about the lack of fic recs for this fandom that weren’t 50 years old so I decided to make one myself. fanfic fanfiction avatar fanfiction avatar the last airbender atla fanfic atla fanfiction thebestpath zuko jet gen fanfic gen fanfiction check it out smellerbee longshot freedom fighters alternate universe zuko alone Pairing: Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13 Plot: Every ship in every fandom has a pirate AU, but this is the best pirate AU of them all, and the best Warehouse 13 fic, full stop. 38 notes The Best View: Courf is a dork who falls asleep in strange places; So I thought I’d make a masterlist of my recs, the link will be in my bio! I’ll add as I go :) - Magic reveal Knights ship it Scar reveal Modern magic au Modern AU Famous Arthur Emrys reveal Jealous Davekat Fic Recs I’ve done it again. by otter (AO3) Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Mar 04, 2016 · Ha! I have read quite a bit of Tolkien fanfiction. A girl with black hair in pigtails, blue eyes, a habit of wearing red, and supposedly Lila’s long-time Kylo may not have recognized his co-star’s voice, but he sure as shit remembers that this Armitage Hux guy was the best one night stand he’s ever had in his life. Quest: Story is a quest, a type of interactive story where the readers get to vote on what happens next. 1) Please look at the TAGS PAGE which will help you find recs depending on what you’re in the mood for – specific pairings, genres, ratings, tropes, etc. also, i have been getting a lot of asks wondering how we are accepting fic recs and the answer is ANY WAY YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE. Multichapter: *+ Summer Heat by IshaRen *+ House of Heat by PetraTodd + Misbehaving For Days by t0bemadeofglass + Unavoidable by Twin_Kitten *+ I Seek My Freedom in the Moonlight by asongforjonsa *+ Marked, Take Two by ChelleyPam *+ When it comes you cannot fight the heat by Pbabes_143 best viewed on desktop SLYTHINDOR and if u dont like any of these theres my fics page and heres some fic recs. Sherlock here obsesses over John he does over the most challenging of cases, but even though that can get a little creepy, he does it out of   FanFic Recs • EVERY FANFIC HERE IS COMPLETED , MOST OF THEM Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since meeting on the Dalton staircase 13  Masterlist of SanSan FanFiction Recommendation Masterlists While doing my While doing my best to read and update my fan fiction master list as quickly as my smut fics recommendations; Zsra187's ASOIAF Fanfiction Recommendations  21 Apr 2020 Any good single parent AU's? I'm a HUGE sucker for Single Parents/Family/ Domestic fics and I didn't see any tags for those so I wanted to ask  Hannibal fic recs I can't get over it. Sure, Cas is acting a little weird-donning the old trench coat like a lame ass caped crusader-but there's nothing wrong between the two of them. thatsnotveryladylike: AO3 (Summaries by author) A War Story is a Black Space by bloodofpyke - “Set after the war, after Arya’s made her way back home to Westeros” Chewed Up and Spit Out by bloodofpyke - “Written for a kink meme, under the promptreunion/the first time they see each other” Merlin Fanfic Recs. Hey y’all! Wanted to share a few fanfics to show love and support to some wonderful writers!!! I might make more posts like this in the future if you’re interested! Ratings will be marked as such: G, T, M. Its authors write tales set in their favorite pop culture worlds, from Star Trek and X-Files, to Hogwarts and boy band My Fanfic Recommendations For You All these fanfics have been read by me some of them are my favourites and others aren’t. re-created 140616 | under construction | side blog For those who want to read long, epic, novel quality Merlin stories. In this post-Endgame fic,Chakotay is not pining for Janeway, waiting to jump into her arms at her say-so. ultimate namjin fic rec!! namjin win the award for most common side pairing– i have tons of bookmarks under their tag but only like half of them are actually namjin-focused. The fics I rec are fics I enjoy rereading, when I have a bad day, when I'm uninspired and not feeling D/G. I have been reading drarry fic after drarry fic for ages and have compiled a list of my favorites so far into this list. Please be on the safe side and check the authors own warning if you know something may be triggering for you. Fanfiction harnesses all the joy and energy that comes from finding a new favorite television show, a new book, a new song and channels. Since Hannibal stormed into my life in 2015, I resumed my old habit of reading good gay fanfiction all day. If you'd like to submit a rec, please submit the following information: Title, Rating: Author: Word Count: Rec: This fic has a good gray-A subplot. You want to read some of the best fanfics about Kakashi and Iruka? Then clicky-clicky, and you could be reading the greatest fanfic writers have to offer! After all, who doesn't love some KakaIru-Lovin? Fanfics can contain KakaIru or center on either Iruka or Kakashi Welcome to Suits Recs! This is basically a personal fic rec blog where I post my favorite Harvey/Mike fics. Profile; My recs for fics over 100,000 words (Open, Unmoderated, Unrevealed) Recent bookmarks Rec * A Drop in the Ocean by He plans on making this year's reunion the best one yet, and he even got Sam to stop bitching long enough to drive back home and help. Also please don’t forget to show your love and support by bookmarks, kudos and comments if you like their This is my favorite Lucifer fic. When I started reading Clexa fanfics, I went through many issues finding great ones among soo many of them. But then he wakes up on the pavement in New York, the Hulk roaring in his face, Steve staring down at him, and he has to wonder if it was all a hallucination. Gays in Space Fic Recs This fic rec archive was made for the sole purpose of organizing some of the very best Spirk fics on the internet. 04pm , with 4 notes ~ My notes * Multichapter Just the Usual Habits Sakumo has no idea where all of these habits of Kakashi’s are coming from. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. Mostly Ineffable Husbands of  All-Time Best Fanfics - these fanfics are the ones which have stuck with me for days, weeks, and months after reading. If a work for which you want to make a fanfic recommendation does not already have a recommendation page, just hover your mouse cursor over the "Create New" button at the top of the page, and then click on the "Fanfic Recs" option in the dropdown that appears. Could some please rec me some good fics (I could live with Jack/Liz/Norrie fanfics, too)? fic recs enjoltaire fic recs courferre fic recs enjoltaire courferre les mis. 25 May 2013 The Best Of The Best Of J2 Fic Recs (In My Highly Exalted Opinion) Last Updated : 28 Nov '14 Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki (NB:  21 Nov 2006 Snarry (Snape/Harry) Fanfiction Recs. Check out our fanfic rec lists by fandom and tell us how we did! 17 Feb 2016 "After the End is the best Harry Potter fanfic. When Tendou hooks up with a stranger at a club, he expects their one-night stand to be only that: One night. Most of it is dreck, but (contrary to popular belief) some of it is excellently written, even professional in quality. I think the best way to actually get a feel for what these different types of fic are is to actually go in a read some? My advice is to click on each one on my tags page and just pick a few to read (they’re all recs, so any one is fine, really). H a p p y r e a d i n g! Alpha Harry/Omega Louis Nov 06, 2014 · Continuation fic: A fic set after the canon story. Celebrating writers, content creators and readers of Reylo fanfiction since 2017! The be-all and end-all of Stony fics. it’s also really probably unrealistic so please don’t get ideas and make moves on your forty-year-old hot neighbor pls i don’t want to be responsible for that,,, and also it’s hERE!!! please tell me if you want this to be a multiple part series, send in requests for what you wanna see in it, and Here you will find a slowly growing list of fanfiction recs of Charles/Erik from X-Men. Starco Fic Recs Disclaimer: This list is largely curated to my own personal preferences (minimal feelings angst, minimal AUs, character development >>> plot) and has a fairly high bar for quality in characterization, etc. Instead of a popular topic such as education, the three freshmen turned to what they knew best and the issue that currently plagues it. Apr 17, 2012 · Dean/Cas Fanfic Recs: Named by mclachlan (R) deancasficrecs: Title: Named, R Author: mclachlan Word Count: 95,000 Warnings: Blasphemy. I promise you this fic is not what you would expect from just reading the summary, but you have to read it to find out! ;) Fly With Me by @goddamnloyalty-suits. If you can't read  15 Sep 2019 Good Omens Fic Recs Masterpost (aka, I wanted to organize all my favs so I might as well share them) (No smut fics on this list bc that is  Romione Fanfiction Rec (Click on titles to be brought to stories) Australia By: Subsequent chapters deal with why Molly is the best cook, Hugo's confusion, and   14 May 2020 40 The Untamed Fic Recs Thanks to these, the Pandemic Times, I've gathered enough good fics for The Untamed to make a pretty killer rec list,  So it's like peter lives with the Avengers in the tower, after may does I think, and he doesn't take very good care of himself? I remember in the summary it said  i wanted to make a side page for all that is good and . help i’ve fallen and i can’t find my grace by jad If there’s one thing Dean’s good at it’s killing, and now, with the Mark of Cain hungry on his forearm, the First Blade in his hand, and no qualms when it comes to the intricacies of right and wrong, he can showcase his talents as much as he wants. also has some todofamily moments! Everyday Icarus - another good hotwings fic! jikook fic rec jikook fic jikook smut bangtan fanfic recommendations bangtan fic bangtan fic rec smut angst stripper!jimin dancer!jungkook stepbrothers!jiminandjungkook chaptered complete 35k+ 138 notes Jul 27th, 2018 Welcome, fellow Sherlockian! :D Here lie my Sherlock recs. Probably the best alternate reality ‘verse I have ever… Aug 15, 2017 · + - fic is mature/explicit * - fic is incomplete . So I thought I’d make a masterlist of my recs, the link will be in my bio! I’ll add as I go :) - Magic reveal Knights ship it Scar reveal Modern magic au Modern AU Famous Arthur Emrys reveal Jealous Welcome, fellow Sherlockian! :D Here lie my Sherlock recs. · Lord of the Rings: · I'll just link my two Fullmetal Alchemist fic recs  Life is hard: can we have another fanfic recs thread please The Dogfather is good place to start, a Harry Potter AU where Harry was adopted  We've worked hard to find great fanfiction and make it easy to sort by your preference. This is a fic rec of my favorite shorter a/b/o fics that are 5k or less as requested in this ask and organized by pairing. Also includes English Teacher!Littlefinger, Biker!Sandor and a whole lot of angst… (It’s the No1 Sansa x Margaery fanfiction that everyone is talking about - particularly in light of it’s recent disappearance from the face of the internet - but now it I don’t see a lot of fic recs out there for this fandom, so here are some of the stories I’ve read and enjoyed lately: Caught Up in You by BramSpierfeld [6k, Mature] My favorite thing about this classic “5 times” story is the way each of the 5 times addresses a different person in Simon and Bram’s life. He is guarded and suspicious, much more the Maquis rebel from the very first episodes than the Starfleet yes-man he became for much of the series. This is an Iwaoi fic rec list with some really awesome fics you should totally check out if you are Iwaoi trash ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ These are just some of my personal favourites, and they are all sfw (i think) and quite long (5k-39k) , so you might want to find a nice, lazy holiday to fall into iwaoi hell go down this list :) Hobbit Fic Recs. These are all gen pretty much since I’m quite picky about pairing fics despite being a multishipper. [[reviews:TitleOfTheFic]] Note: That last bit of gibberish with the square brackets turns into a button linking the fic to its reviews, which is where all opinions about the work go. World Academy: Forgotten Memories (my personal fave tbh) (complete) Arthur Kirkland just moved to the states from England after a tragic accident left his family hollow. Sell us the fanfic, but don't inflate it; we're striving for some quality stories here, so if you have difficulties with making it look interesting, maybe it wasn't that good in   21 Nov 2018 The Best Fanfic You've Ever Read · Restitution is my favorite Legend of Korra fic, hands down. it was written before the Kamino arc even ended in fact, and yet there are so many details the author managed to predict that it’s just uncanny Okay, some particular fic recs! It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah is a goddamn hilarious oneshot that really runs with Shinichi and Heiji’s tendency to make the bodies hit the floor. I can’t make any guarantees, but I will certainly do my best to keep up and read them all! Thanks again, and happy reading :) The best thing about "Ripening" is Djinn's characterization of Chakotay. My Nalu Fanfic Recommendations A list of some of my all time favorite Nalu fanfics I’ve found on FF. 4 Incredible Draco & Hermione Fanfics To Read Before You Die BokuAka fic recs @lnsouke asked for some BokuAka recs, so here’s a list of some of my favorite BokuAka fics! ♥ = personal favorite [[MORE]] First of all, literally anything by norio, who’s like THE Minister Hermione Granger knows the dangers and the complications, but she needs her best friend back. The recommendations are my personal opinion of enjoyable Harry Potter stories to read, based on plot. It’s a fic where tony is peter’s bio dad and peter gets an asthma attack when he’s 11 and tony just freaks out and rushes him to the med bay and can’t seem to calm down. Art Club Chat Room - The Art Club has a chatroom and some things get revealed about a certain Italian. it’s really cute, some soriel, definitely a… Bucky/Steve fanfiction recommendations F Yeah Stucky Recs is a Marvel fic rec blog focused on the pairing Bucky/Steve. I've never been into kooky stuff where it turns out Dumbledore is OMG evulz and must be destroyed and then Harry has to go back in time or become a ridiculously powerful Boring Invincible Hero and inherit bazillions of money and become Lord Potter-Black or whatever and meanwhile Hermione's gone and had a makeover and Draco's like We are neither exactly a recs list nor a comprehensive pairing list. Credit to all owners Anonymous Do you know the fic where Louis and harry go to a really rich college and harry has a happy and charming facade Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’ve spent the last two years basically blacklisting the whole Teen Wolf fandom and then suddenly I’m binge reading everything in the Stiles/Peter tag on AO3. You You You by isthatyoularry (137k, complete) Levitate (Unfinished) #angst with a happy ending #slow burn #fluff #post-Avengers: Infinity War part 1. Includes Friendship, Slash, Romance, Adventure, AU, Bromance, Angst, Mystery, and so much more! Most stories will be epic in length, completed or nearly completed. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Percy Jackson and The Olympians fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. com These women have given me some of the best reading recommendations I’ve ever received, so who better to help? (Their profiles are at the bottom of the page) Let’s be honest—with a sandpit as huge as fanfic, there was no way we could narrow it down to just 10, so this is a supersized top 15 list. I have a box of index cards next to my PC with details of every story I have read, so I figured it's time to start sharing! a/n: the reader is eighteen in this fic. Hostels are the best way to meet people, and Hostel World or Hostel Bookers generally have a great selection. I'm not picky but I'm particularly interested in: 1) friends becoming more than friends OR 2) possessive Sasuke OR 3) any SasuNaru with a great plot The best fanfic the web can offer Aug 22, 2015 · Another USUK Fic Rec List. I sometimes get discouraged because of how few vmin fics seem to be to choose from, and specifically bottom jimin fics on top of it since it’s a bottom!Jimin enthusiast fic rec account, so hearing this makes my day. 1) While you’re enjoying these awesome fics, DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE REVIEWS/FEEDBACK FOR ALL OF THESE INSANELY, AMAZINGLY TALENTED AUTHORS. In which five-year-old Kakashi forgets the existence of his left eye, loses his ability to lie believably, and is a little too knowledgeable about the Birds and Bees. Jikook fic recs masterpost Hi everyone! So, as any jikook shipper, you all know that there is a variety of great fics, old and new, about our fave ship. The list includes the "best" (things you would normally find recced) but also Snarry that we enjoyed enough to pass along to a like-minded friend. #zutara #zutara fanfiction #zutara fanfic #zutara fanfic rec #zutara fanfiction recommendations #fanfiction masterpost #100 #200 #300 #400 #500 #600 #700 #800 #900 #1k #susannah recs things Friday, Feb 17 The best fanfic the web can offer smiledeku: hey ive been trying very hard to find this one vhope fanfic where tae asks hoseok to teach him about like sex and stuff and he's tricked him by saying he has a crush on Namjoon. kylux fic rec kylux fic recs kylo ren/armitage hux mod sally Anonymous Recs are under the cut, happy reading! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ . (this took me ages to put together so please appreciate it) The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze (46K) - On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and These fanfic articles are just the best. many more Follow my main blog FemslashHistorian for f/f recs, the best assistant she's ever had and probably ever will have, for her lust  4 Sep 2019 Good Omens Fic Recs First of all, I'm gonna say that these are probably not ALL the fics I'd recommend, there are more, but I'm trying to keep it  So very, very good. It basically pieces together everything that's hinted at in canon, and the characters are very dimensional and well done. Read More solangelo-fic-recs Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you had read that solangelo doc where nico was a prince with powers where he could raise the dead bc he carried them through some ritual where the soldiers literally gave their souls up to be used in battle. ) 2 years ago 55 notes # yoi, yoi fic, otayuri ficrec, yoi fic rec, yuri on ice, yuri on ice fanfic, otabek x yurio, yuri plisetsky x otabek altin, actor au, rec by Torin*, Sep 30, 2014 · This is the first part of that angsty kitty!Tim fic I told you about!! \o3o/ Woooo! I finally wrote it after forever of it picking at my brain. A girl with black hair in pigtails, blue eyes, a habit of wearing red, and supposedly Lila’s long-time HL Fic Recs!! This account is no longer active -- Larry fic recs! If you have any you'd like to rec/promote submit them! And if you're looking for a specific fic then just ask!! (this is a side blog so i can't follow back, sorry)ASK -- Submit Something -- Masterpost Jan 31, 2014 · fic recs please? sendmeacardfromparadise:;n; in the mood to read jaytim fics where they’re either de-aged or they meet as kids, but I can’t find any. (91k, complete) If you want to kiss the sky by seigeofangels Fandom: Stargate Atlantis Rec: This fic is almost painful to read. 2- Yes, he has the Geass, but he is very nerfed, he has only used it once in the whole fic and it was more like a compulsion that worked after stacking a lot in his favor. ten makoharu fic recs all the following fics are   Angie's Raven Cycle Fanfic Rec List Also, before you ask, NO I don't have anything against Bluesey fic THERE IS JUST SO LITTLE OF IT THAT'S GOOD IT'S A  I'd be most interested to see a 'Sasuke Returns' type fic where Naruto and Best of all, it's complete (which means it'll be going onto my favorite list, SCORE!!)! It's the last chapter to muchtvsocfic's epic fic Best of Intentions! I know! The final update! And though it's been a while--it was worth the wait. With that goal in mind, I've done my best to highlight a mix of both popular and lesser-known fanworks, so I hope there will be something new for everyone. The home of the best Zimbits fanfictions posted on Ao3 and their most memorable lines, as chosen by Masterlist of Fanfiction Rec List General Pairing-Centric rexluscus: Avengers recs Covers Thor/Loki, Tony/Loki, Loki/Darcy, and a couple of others. Anonymous said: hey! Jun 22, 2017 · Okay, so I have created this blog to help out Clexa Fanfic readers with good recommendations. It's really Drarry Fic List My own personal drarry recs and future comprehensive "library" of drarry fics Feel free to submit your own favorites! Fan-Art Master List Fan-Mix Master List Drarry-Gif Master List (Cherik Recs!) Sidebar Art Credit { iwaoi / bokuaka fic rec } i was recently thinking about making a fic rec and then!!!!! an opportunity struck!!!! here’s a nice, incredibly long fic rec, dedicated to @seijhoe !!! bolded = faves EVER Taehyung is a closeted genius, and Jimin is just amateur at best. Jan 15, 2019 · Aria’s Long List of Lucifer & Deckerstar Fic Recs - Part 4 Hello, all! While I’ve been on my writing break, I’ve also been knocking out a large chunk of stories on my reading list this holiday season, and I’ve just about hit critical mass on recs again, so here I am, back with part 4 of my ongoing fic-rec series! Part 5 of ‘The Best Path’ series. Thank you for appreciating the fic recs!!! love you toooo ️ Cid and Edea don't seem to get a lot of attention in FFVIII fanfic, and this fic is a really nice, sympathetic look at Cid's role in the whole business and what it must be like for him, and what his relationship with Edea must have been like prior to the events of the game. Anonymous said: there's this fic that i can't remember what it's called and it's about yoonkook that fall in love but never confess to each other in high school. The Rec That Was Promised: Jaime x Brienne Fic Rec I’ve been meaning to put this rec together for a LONG TIME but as always, time got away from me! I fell in love with this pairing before I even was a fan of the show OR the books–the concept of their dynamic intrigued me so much, the double-reverse Beauty and the Beast, the unexpected Sep 16, 2015 · Hello, everyone!! (^・ω・^ ) New recs! =^ ⋏ ^= I have been wanting to post this one for quite a while, shame it took me this much time. Confirmation - a dabi/twice fic i really liked (its a rare pair but its Good) love has conducted us unto one death - a really, really, REALLY good fic of hawks and dabi. Iwaoi fic recs! so i wanted to do a fic rec thing and i realized more than half of the fics i love are iwaoi, so i thought i’d save us time and just put all of those in one post! I tried to stay away from the uber popular ones that everyone has already read…obviously those are fantastic, but there are a bunch more that are equally amazing Hi i read this fic and i can’t remember what it’s called. 3] Hey everyone! Welcome to my HUGE fic rec list! Right now it only has all my personal rec lists, but it's  yoongi fic recs❅❉ smut: ♡ fluff: ☼ angst: ☆ a list of our favorite yoongi fan to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he  Such a squishy, feel good Christmas fic! Draco and Harry are house mates and run a Quidditch shop together. I have an A-Z of all the fics I’ve ever rec’d right here I have a tags page, where you can search by all sorts of tags here ( x ) 18 notes Tags: ~A A-Z Tags Klaine Fanfiction Fanfiction Klaine fic recs Klaine fics #stucky #steve x bucky #steve rogers #bucky barnes #stucky fic recs #pre-catfa #under 5k #fluff #pwp Five Times Steve and Bucky went to a Jazz Club, and the one time they didn't by Billie Evans (ohfairchild) May 30, 2020 · I created this site to help newbies and experienced fans alike find the best Stucky fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, and more. Jul 08, 2019 · The best place to post this, since it's specifically a request for a type of Worm Fanfic and a recommendation for one, would most likely be here: Worm Fanfiction Recs and Requests ONLY 1 The Best Of The Best Of Sassy Fic Recs (In My Highly Exalted Opinion) Pairing: Sam Winchester/Castiel ♥A Call For Help by georges1982_96 Word Count: 45K Summary: John forced Sam to play soccer because he thought it would teach him to obey orders and get him to spend time with people other than Dean and Castiel. com Apr 30, 2020 · sakuatsu fic recs! *possibly haikyuu!! manga spoilers the world needs to know about these beautiful miya atsumu & sakusa kiyoomi fics - let me know if i’ve missed any must-reads and i’ll update as i find more ( last updated 30/04/2020 ). Please feel free to message me with requests, prompts, or questions! Scorbus Fic-Rec Alphabetised, because apparently, I have the time. ultimate yoonkook fic rec we don’t talk anymore by wordcouture – I love wordcouture’s fics so much and this one is no exception! Santa, Baby by Vlevxn – Christmassy and cute, what more could u ask But if a fic or stress or a fandom is weighing you down, then sometimes deleting the fic is the best thing for you and that’s okay <3. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Law and Order Special Victims Unit, all of which have been signed. This community includes the best written, most creative plots, and the best portrayal of Merlin-Arthur goodness. I am by no means an "expert" but if you want to ask me something, do leave me a message and A multi-fandom, multi-pairing fanfiction recommendation blog. Any previously nominated fic, which has since been rewritten, updated, pulled and/or reposted, may not be  Primarily M/M fanfiction recommendations of multiple fandoms including Avengers, He loved his best friend literally more than life itself, and once Scott starting  I-J's Fic Recs (My Full Lists) Go to: [Pg. miraculous fic recs i had an entire page devoted to fic recs on my old blog (rip) so i’ve started rebuilding my rec list. And bonus, it's about 800 Nov 11, 2017 · For easy searching, here is a rec with a list of all the recs that I’ve made! I hope this makes it easier for everyone to find the fics they want to read. From werewolf to vampire taekook, from fluff to smut, from melancholy to comedy, and from heartbreak to happiness; you name Villain!Deku fanfic recommendations part 2! These are my personal favs, I might miss a few but i’ll try my best! (there may or may not be repeats from my last rec list) 1. Still, no matter what oddities went on in Kakashi’s head, one thing is certain – the boy will always Kylo may not have recognized his co-star’s voice, but he sure as shit remembers that this Armitage Hux guy was the best one night stand he’s ever had in his life. In the best traditions of speculative fiction, it is an AU that is incredibly far removed from out world, yet an eerie mirror because of it. Tagged: #swan queen #swan queen fanfic #fic rec #swen #swen fic rec #swan queen fic rec #multichapter #SapphicLittleThing 1 note archiveofourown. Author: duchesscass Hunger Games fic recs Katniss/Peeta, Rated M, chaptered fic, I know post-Mockingjay fics are a dime a dozen, but this is one of the best. FANFIC FOR THE FANFIC GOD! RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE RECOMMENDATION THRONE! Proof that the Emperor is worth dying for here! These are recommendations made by Tropers for Warhammer 40,000 fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Both etrangere: Loki fic rec list Covers general fic (some of epic length), Thor/Loki, Balder/Loki, and half a dozen other pairings. Long fics are so worth it but I’m hesitant to start one if I’m -The absolute most HEART WRENCHING Ron/Hermione fic out there. Be Forwarned, she loves to torture Ron Zukka Fanfic Rec List I found this in my drafts from last April, so it is not completely up to date, but there is a ton of awesome fic in here! It’s a lot of fic, but I organized it by length and also included some BrOTP and relevant OT3 fic for those who are interested in that. I’ve found a ship that’s stolen my heart and otherwise dumped my sorry carcass on AO3 grounds as some sort of twisted sacrifice to the literary gods. net] Author: youngandobsessed Rating: M Pairing: Klaine Summary: Blaine, now a mortal, arrives in Ohio to begin his new life with Kurt only to discover a host of new challenges as he adjusts in disapproving fathers, homophobic high school bullies, and the constant struggle to find “alone time” with his boyfriend. so without further ado here are my favorite namjin fics! SanSan Fic Recs This page is our feeble attempt to contribute more than snark and reblogs to the fantastic SanSan fandom & give shippers (both old an new) a decent place to look for a good taste of feels. Fic Rec Masterpost Masterlists • My Monthly Fics Recs • My Top 50 Fics of 2018 Types • 100k+ fics • Fluffy One Shots AUs • Criminal Harry • Criminal Louis • Demons • Disneyland/ Disneyworld • High Mar 29, 2020 · Livi's Long destiel fanfiction recs. klance fic klance fanfiction klance fanfic rec klance fic recs klance voltron klance lance and keith keith (voltron) keith kogane lance voltron lance mcclain voltron fanfic keith/lance voltron voltron legendary defender klance vld VLD vld lance vld keith fanfiction klance fluff klance angst klangst hope you enjoy the recommendations thank you Larry Fanfic Recs. I decided to put this together after going through rec page after rec page on multiple sites and still not being able to find what I'd like easily. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming. Wrong Side of a Love Song by Sweet Peach75 refuses to let Christian build on his relationship with Ana. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. All-Time Best Fanfics - these fanfics are the ones which have stuck with me for days, weeks, and months after reading. org The Long Con - lostlilsnail - Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own] Regina has a murderous mob bearing down on her and, rather than face her punishment, she opts for the easy way out. I read the most amazing fics based on you recs! I’d also like to ask for your help! I’m looking for a time travelling fic but groundhog day style. And I love it :_D So,   this is a fic rec blog by sabrecmc ASKS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED Insert a tired, snarky billionaire and a magician on his best day and what will you get? 11 Oct 2019 Rather more of a library, much in the way Aziraphale's bookshop is. It would be awesome if you would rec me any well-written favorites (if multichaptered, please rec me a completed one). Aug 22, 2018 · Ford was saved from falling into the portal, but he’s still suffering the consequences of Bill’s deal. From werewolf to vampire taekook, from fluff to smut, from melancholy to comedy, and from heartbreak to happiness; you name it. I enjoy plot driven stories that include a main pairing as an equal Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. You can browse my recs for: Steve/Bucky fanfiction; Steve/Bucky fanart As I was browsing for more fics in Doctor Who, I decided that I was going to take on the task of compiling all of my fic recs in an easily accessible list for myself. I’ve spent the three past days reading them and my eyes got all swollen and bloodshoot and my face omg So here’s a rec list of all my Kirk/Spock Fic Rec List, Part ii . Book I Bored out of your mind? Looking for a new Taekook fanfic? Check this out, you might like one of these recommendations. These are all Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, except one, which is Clark/Lex/Jason Teague (a rare pairing, but do give it a chance). com Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying (and then being resurrected) for here: These are recommendations made by Tropers for Hunter X Hunter, all of which have been signed. There are a few that I know of that haven’t made it onto the official recs list on here yet that I’ll add soon (As I said in the previous anon, I have a million things I am doing at once, so I will create a list on here soon that will get posted afterwards~ Mar 24, 2017 · Hi! My new job starts a week on Monday, so I'm making the best use of my free time :) This post contains my favourite Smallville fanfics. Also, an apology to the writers listed - I'm still going around to let everyone know where their fic has been listed because knowing that is nice, and also my feedback, if it hasn't been left already, will come in good time. See a piece of art you love? Explore it, transform it, revel in it, and create more of it for someone else to love. Because all the cool kids are doing it and I’ve been obsessed with Hobbit fic for weeks and I’ve discovered some truly excellent stuff that needs to be shared, like WOAH. Supercorp AU Fic Recs Part 3 - Complicated Realities: of Weddings, One Night Stands and Friends with Benefits Originally this was supposed to be a 2-part rec, but as after part 2 I have sworn to myself never again to do a rec with 21 fics (or anything close to that), I now plan to have at least one more part. (8k, complete) Dolce Domum by busaikko ~~~~~ 30 Days by Gelix published as 30 Days by Grace Owens ~~~~~ 30 Days of Darkness by mkystich published as Black Rose by Kris Thompson ~~~~~ 8 Seconds To Win by speklez published as Southern Charms by SE Kloos Fanfiction available to read (click icon below for link) ~~~~~ A Debt Repaid by Nyddi … The Fanfic Federation was born from a miderm project for Pratt Institute's Writing Program. honestly one the best fics i have ever read; it captures the pining and the longing so perfectly and we get a wangxian marriage and domestic wangxian in future chapters so basically the perfect fic to soothe your heart post-CQL. but fics where namjin are the main pairing are pure gold, they have such an adorably awkward dynamic. You Make It Sound So Easy To Be Alive – 12K Sep 08, 2015 · Fic Rec If you guys are looking for any fic recs or are just really desperate for some, i believe karmagisa has a page of fic recs here Posted on 8 September 2015 , at 8. I know I probably missed something, or messed Alternatively, if you have the time and energy, you can submit recs in the usual format by following the link from the homepage. Title: The Claim Author: thatwriterlady Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Words: 40,492 – Ongoing Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ Admin A’s notes: I know, I know, this fic has barely even started and all the good stuff is yet to happen, but so far it’s pretty good and the author has been very consistent with her updates so I’m fairly certain this one won’t be forgotten in the depths of No offense if you like crisscolfer but I don't ship it and don't read fanfic of it. Anonymous: im trying to find a fic where taehyung has like empathic powers that were triggered by the death of his dad? i can’t remember all the details, but i know seokjin had the power to read auras and stuff and at some point in the series jungkook gained the power of super speed?? idk how easy this’ll be to find bc i think the author ended up locking it but D: i really liked it Tony is left alone in the 40’s, crying himself to sleep in the house he had shared with his best friend and his lover. The three admins were asked to stage "a literary intervention" on the topic of their choosing. Wish Upon a (Fallen) Star - a Deckerstar Christmas fic chock-full of Grym’s perfect characterization and lovely turn of phrase. If you’re new to the fandom, start with these: Blue-Eyed Monster by Only_1_Truth; Quriosity by dr_girlfriend; Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by feelslikefire Zimbits Fic Recs. and what makes it even more impressive is that this fic was apparently written before Bakugou’s parents were actually revealed in canon. Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay by embro (134k, complete) A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. Summary: (AU) In a land never torn apart by the Hundred Year War, the sixteen-year-old Avatar Aang is trying his best to keep the balance between the four nations, including the increasingly antagonistic Fire Nation, which, despite his friendship with the Crown Prince Zuko, refuses to weekly fic rec IV ↳ 1. FULL NOVELS Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (in novel form) by BOLEYNC - This is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as a novel. All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl –– 114k Feb 17, 2016 · "After the End is the best Harry Potter fanfic. It's quintessential  26 Sep 2018 Btw This Is Not In Order These Are Just Fic Recs That I HIGHLY She Is So Good She Just Made A New YoonJin Fanfic So Please Look Into It. First StormPilot fic recs I will have more coming, as I need to go back and find some of my past favorites, and there are more wonderful fics every day, but here’s 5 great ones to start WinterIron Fic Recs 1/? You Only Live Twice by Amethystina Anonymous: Imagine that Tony was there during WW2 instead of Howard, and somehow (extremis??) he’s lived through until the 21st century thinking that Bucky was dead and then lo and behold Cap2 happens and Tony rescues Bucky and he has to be Bucky and Steve’s guide into the new world Ayra/Gendry Fic Rec List. best fanfic recs

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